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Simple, Seamless Scalability

For every application—without a single forklift upgrade.

Scale Up

Scale Up

Boost performance with non-disruptive controller upgrades across each of the Adaptive Flash and All-Flash array families.

Scale Deep

Scale Deep

Effortlessly expand cost-optimized capacity by adding HDD expansion shelves.

Scale Out

Scale Out

Scale performance and capacity beyond the physical limitations of a single array to a four-node cluster, using any combination of Nimble Adaptive Flash and All Flash arrays. Learn More

The Unified Flash Fabric combines All Flash and Hybrid Flash Arrays into a single consolidated architecture. Learn how you can tailor your environment to efficiently address the full range of application performance needs.

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Scale Performance Linearly

Stripe data across multiple nodes providing applications with continuous access to the collective resources of clustered arrays. Direct access from hosts to each array in the cluster avoids the overhead of having to forward IO requests between cluster nodes.

No Manual Data Migrations

NimbleOS automates data migration seamlessly and dramatically simplifies cluster management.

No Networking Expertise Required

Nimble Connection Manager (NCM) automates network connections from multiple hosts to volumes on the cluster.


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