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unified flash fabric

Unified Flash Fabric

The Nimble Unified Flash Fabric is a single consolidation architecture that enables flash for all Enterprise Applications. Until now, enterprises have been forced to choose between Hybrid Flash and All Flash arrays. That’s no longer the case with the Nimble Unified Flash Fabric.

Unified Flash Fabric Makes the Flash Data Center a Reality

The Unified Flash Fabric enables flash for all Enterprise Applications by unifying All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays into a single consolidation architecture with common data services.

All Flash Arrays.  Absolute speed for performance sensitive applications.  Read more.

Adaptive Flash Arrays.  Optimized performance for mainstream applications.  Read more.

Common Data Services and Transparent Application Mobility

Enterprises can deploy All Flash, Adaptive Flash or a combination of both to meet the varying needs of all applications. Since both arrays run the same NimbleOS, management and functionality are identical, and arrays can be clustered together and managed as one.

Transparent Application Mobility
Applications can be seamlessly and non-disruptively migrated across All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays to meet changing SLAs. This is done with the click of the button without requiring application or host reconfiguration.
Integrated Data Protection
Backup frequently and recover instantly with SmartSnap application-integrated snapshots. Achieve disaster recovery simplicity using SmartReplicate. And you can even replicate from All Flash to Adaptive Flash to drive down the cost of backup and DR.
Effortless Management
Stop wasting time on complex storage management and planning tasks. Mundane configuration tasks are a thing of the past. Storage is pre-configured and optimized for applications out of the box and initial set-up take less than two hours.

Scale-to-Fit: Scalable Performance and Capacity

The Unified Flash Fabric provides the flexibility to accommodate application growth by scaling performance, capacity, or both—independently and non-disruptively. Scale capacity at the lowest cost by adding additional storage shelves. Scale up performance by upgrading compute for greater throughput and IOPS. And grow to cloud-scale by clustering any combination of Nimble Storage arrays managed as a single entity – all flash or adaptive flash.

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Get More From Less

The Unified Flash Fabric offers more usable storage capacity in a fraction of the data center footprint of other solutions. Advanced data reduction techniques provide capacity savings up to 5x, and a sequential data layout allows dense flash and disk media to be used without compromise.

Dramatic Data Center Footprint and TCO Reduction

Dramatic Data Center Footprint and TCO Reduction

Absolute Resiliency

Triple+ Parity RAID
Tolerate 3 simultaneous drive failures plus additional protection from intra-drive parity and integrated sparing. This takes RAID protection to a level never seen before in Enterprise Storage.
SmartSecure encryption
Application-granular, FIPS-certified software-based encryption and secure data shredding provides end-to-end security for data at rest and on-the-wire when replicated offsite.
Multi-Level Data Integrity
End-to-end data integrity checks enable self-healing and makes the storage of your data bullet proof.

Comprehensive Ecosystem Integration

Close, collaborative development and go-to-market partnerships with leading application and virtualization partners provides management simplicity, comprehensive data protection and faster application delivery. The result is a more dynamic and flexible data center.

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