Your storage investment protected. Upgrades included.

All-inclusive Software


All software features are included when you purchase a Nimble Predictive Flash array.  We don’t charge extra for features like encryption, replication, snapshots, or InfoSight. And when we come up with new NimbleOS features and enhancements they are included with your support entitlement.

Flat support pricing

Support Pricing

We guarantee flat maintenance and support pricing for the life of the product, even if it is four or more years old. Make the most of your flash storage and use it for as long as you want. In fact we guarantee a flash life of at least seven years.

Free Controller Upgrade Option

Free Control Upgrade

Our Timeless Storage Guarantee options for All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays give you a free higher-performance controller upgrade after 3 years when you renew support for an additional 3 years, or buy 5 years of support.

Future-Proofed For Newer Technologies

Nimble All Flash arrays are future-proofed for newer solid-state storage technologies such as NVMe. When we make these technologies available, customers will be able to either purchase capacity and controller upgrades (or get a free controller if signed up for a Timeless Storage Guarantee) to leverage future technologies such as NVMe, 3D Xpoint, and others. Nimble arrays also support non-disruptive upgrades across multiple hardware generations

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