Put Your Backup Data to Work

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Finally, a Secondary Flash array that combines flash, deduplication, and Predictive Analytics. The result: a secondary storage array that lets you run real workloads. You get fast flash performance, high effective capacity, 99.9999% measured availability, and simple to deploy and use.

idc identifies innovative storage option

Instantly Restore and Recover

Near-Instant Snapshot-Based Backup
No more backup windows. Zero impact to host.

Near-Instant Restore
Access files, VMs, applications or entire systems directly on the Secondary Flash array or rapidly copy them back to the Primary Flash array

Run Applications on the Secondary Flash Array
Rather than restore, run production workload with flash performance directly on the Secondary Flash array


Cloud Ready

Nimble arrays are Cloud Ready, giving you the flexibility to create a multicloud environment. Easily migrate data between on-premise flash arrays and the public cloud with Nimble Cloud Volumes.

Flash Performance with Inline Deduplication

Clone and Run
Instant cloning lets you take space-efficient copies and run real workloads with flash performance. It’s perfect for Dev/Test, QA, and analytics
Store More Data
Always-on inline deduplication and compression with zero performance impact
Fast Backup Verification
Frequently and easily test backups for peace of mind

InfoSight™ Predictive Analytics


InfoSight Predictive Analytics anticipates and prevents issues for trouble-free operations, and greater than 99.9999% measured availability

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Timeless Storage

Timeless Storage

Nimble arrays come with a satisfaction guarantee, all-inclusive software licensing, flat support pricing, and no forklift upgrades.

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Radical Simplicity

Converge & Standardize Devices
Standardize your Backup, Disaster Recovery and Secondary Storage onto a single storage system
Highly Available Secondary Storage
InfoSight predictive analytics anticipates and prevents issues for trouble-free operations, and 99.9999% measured availability
Simplified Data Management
Deep integration with Veeam and other data-protection software simplifies the data management lifecycle.

Manage Backup Within a Multicloud Flash Fabric


For Nimble environments, easily manage both Primary and Secondary storage arrays within a single
Multicloud Flash Fabric. Execute thousands of zero-impact snapshots on Primary storage and natively
replicate to the Secondary Flash array.

Nimble Secondary Flash Array

Want to accomplish real work with your backup data on a secondary storage array?

View the Secondary Flash Array Specifications