Flash Here.
Flash Everywhere.

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Flash for all workloads. On-premise. Public cloud. It doesn’t matter.

Multicloud Flash Fabric makes it easy to deploy flash everywhere. Use any combination of all-flash and hybrid flash across private and public clouds. Transparently migrate data from anywhere to anywhere. Future-proof your data center for the cloud with Nimble Cloud Ready Flash arrays.

multicloud storage for dummies

Flash Arrays

All Flash Arrays – For high performance primary apps
Adaptive Flash Arrays – For other primary and secondary workloads


Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Multicloud Storage

Nimble Cloud Volumes – Enterprise-grade multicloud storage service

Flash Optimized For Any Workload

Designed for flash from the ground-up. A generation beyond other flash architectures, our arrays are optimized for performance, efficiency, and resiliency.

Over 1.2M IOPS
Consistent under heavy workloads
Up to 5X more data reduction
Variable block deduplication
Variable block compression
More Capacity
20% more usable capacity than other all-flash arrays
Triple+ Parity RAID
Log structured file system for maximum flash lifespan
data protection
Data Protection
Backup, DR, and Archival at a third of the cost


Scale performance, capacity, or both—independently and non-disruptively. Upgrade from one generation to the next without needing a forklift.

Capacity Per Array
Over 2PB effective capacity per array
Non-disruptively scale array capacity and/or performance
scale out
Non-disruptively cluster up to 4 arrays and manage as one
Over 8PB effective capacity per cluster

App-Centric Data Services

Data services are integrated with applications including VMs, databases, and Containers. The result: streamlined administration and maximum efficiency. Effortless replication. Instant efficient snapshots. Rich provisioning with App-plugins, Zero-copy clones, QoS, and Secure Multi-Tenancy.

App-plugins with one-click provisioning for common apps
Zero-copy clones – Instant and space-efficient
Secure Multi-Tenancy – Secure isolation for shared arrays and clusters
Instant snapshot-based backup with fast recovery
Effortless and efficient native replication across any distance
SmartSecure Encryption – Application-granular data encryption and data shredding
Quality of Service
Auto QoS – Automatically prevents noisy neighbor issues
QoS Limits – Set explicit IOPS and/or bandwidth limits

Multicloud Storage

Create a multicloud environment. All Nimble arrays are ready for the cloud. Deploy any combination of Nimble Cloud Ready Flash arrays and Nimble Cloud Volumes. Your apps won’t know the difference.

Cloud Ready
Future-proof your data center for the cloud
All Nimble arrays are ready for the cloud
multicloud storage
Flash Here. Flash Everywhere.
Easily place and move data between public clouds and your data center
Transparent Application Mobility
Move data seamlessly between any combination of All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays in a cluster