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Breaking the Limits of All-Flash Scalability

The industry’s only Predictive All Flash Array combines fast flash performance with predictive analytics to deliver data velocity and an unparalleled user experience.

all flash arrays

Absolute Performance to Power the Flash Data Center

Blazing Speed
Sustain 1.2M+ IOPS with consistent sub-ms response time and never worry about performance again.
Independently scale the performance and capacity of a single array beyond the limits of other all flash arrays. And scale-out non-disruptively to over 8PB in a cluster that’s managed as a single entity.
Application Optimized
Integrated and certified with industry-leading applications to streamline deployment and simplify management. No need for manual application performance tuning.

Nimble Storage AF1000 All Flash Array Datasheet

Check Out the Newest Member of the All Flash Family. It’s small. It’s mighty. It’s the perfect All Flash entry point to the Nimble Predictive Flash Platform.

33% to 66% Lower TCO

Unconstrained by Memory
Nimble All Flash arrays require 10-30X less memory than the competition, providing unparalleled flash scalability at a lower cost.
Exceptional Data Reduction
With Nimble, less is more. Buy up to  80% less storage for the same amount of data.  That’s the miracle of Nimble variable-block deduplication and compression.
Designed for 3D-NAND
Advanced Flash Endurance Management extends flash lifespan and requires less overhead, driving down cost and data center footprint.

Dramatic Data Center Footprint and TCO Reduction

Dramatic Data Center Footprint and TCO Reduction

Data Protection at One Third the Cost

Using flash for backup, DR and archival can sometimes be cost-prohibitive. That’s why Nimble also allows its cost-optimized Adaptive Flash arrays to be used for backup, DR, Dev/Test and archival at a third of the cost of All Flash. And since both primary and secondary arrays share common data services, you’ll get identical functionality and user experience.

data protection at one third the cost

Effortless Management

Storage is pre-configured and optimized for applications out-of-the-box. Tasks such as selecting RAID-level, media layout, aggregations and reserves are not required. Initial setup and configuration can be completed within two hours.

Effortless Flash Array Management and Setup | Nimble Storage

Absolute Resiliency

Designed for ‘six 9s’
Non-stop availability delivers 99.9999% measured availability through predictive analytics and ‘no single point of failure’ hardware and software design.
Triple+ Parity RAID
Tolerate 3 simultaneous drive failures plus additional protection from intra-drive parity and integrated sparing. This takes RAID protection to a level never seen before in All Flash arrays.
SmartSecure Encryption
Application-granular, FIPS-certified encryption and secure data shredding provides end-to-end security for data at rest and on-the-wire when replicated offsite.

All Flash

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