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Flash Performance for Every Mainstream Application

Speed with Efficiency

Speed Efficiency

Purpose-built flash architecture delivers sub-ms performance with unparalleled efficiency. And it’s five times faster than the competition.


Scale to Fit

Independently scale the performance and capacity of a single array, grow the amount of flash to suit any application and scale-out to Petabytes in a cluster. All non-disruptively.

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Adaptive Service Levels


Assign, or change, the service level of any application at the click of a button. Auto Flash, All Flash or Minimal Flash.

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66% Lower TCO than Other Hybrid Solutions

Achieve an All Flash Experience with 66% Lower TCO and one Fifth the Footprint of Legacy Hybrid Storage.

Unconstrained By Disk

Hard Disk Drive

Defy physics and write to disk at flash speed through write serialization. This allows high-density low-RPM drives to be used without performance penalty.

Ground-up Flash Design

Designed for 3D

Dynamic flash cache delivers flash performance even as workloads change.  Leverages flash 10x more efficiently than tiered hybrid systems.

Always-on Data Reduction

Variable Block Compression

Variable-block compression, zero pattern elimination, thin provisioning and zero-copy clones deliver up to 2-3X space savings without performance penalty.

Data Center Footprint and TCO Reduction | Nimble Storage

Absolute Resiliency

Designed for ‘six 9s’

99 percent up time

Non-stop availability delivers 99.9997% measured availability through predictive analytics and ‘no single point of failure’ hardware and software design. Learn more.

Triple+ Parity RAID


Tolerate 3 simultaneous drive failures plus additional protection from intra-drive parity. This takes RAID protection to a level never seen before in enterprise storage arrays.

SmartSecure Encryption


Application-granular, FIPS-certified encryption and secure data shredding provides end-to-end security for data at rest and on-the-wire when replicated offsite. Learn more.

Adaptive Flash.

Learn more about the Adaptive Flash Array family of products.

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