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unified flash fabric

Unified Flash Fabric Explained

The Unified Flash Fabric combines All Flash and Hybrid Flash Arrays into a single consolidated architecture. Learn how you can tailor your environment to efficiently address the full range of application performance needs.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership by 33-66%

Absolute Performance that Scales
Sustain 1.2M+ IOPS with sub-ms latency. Scale to over 8PB in a cluster.
Non-Stop Availability
99.9999% measured uptime across our entire installed base.
Cloud-like Agility
Effortless operations with centralized storage managed in the cloud, Storage on Demand capacity and all inclusive licensing.

Siemens Focuses on Innovation with InfoSight

Learn how Siemens’ software development teams are deepening software integration, accelerating testing iterations and automating design environments with the Nimble Predictive Flash platform.