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Options to make cloud work for you

Building your own private cloud? Moving to public cloud?  Going with a hybrid strategy? Nimble offers the fastest, most reliable access to data, giving you confidence to scale your cloud.

Build Your Cloud

Build Your Cloud

Enterprises, cloud service providers, and SaaS companies build and manage their clouds using the Nimble Storage Predictive Flash Platform. Why? They achieve the fastest, most reliable access to data across a wide range of enterprise and cloud apps. With the flexibility to leverage All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays you can optimize storage costs to match service levels. While Infosight Predictive Analytics simplifies operations and predicts and prevents issues across the infrastructure stack.

Integrate Your Storage with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure


Get the best of both worlds with Nimble Cloud-Connected Storage. Run compute on AWS or Azure and securely store and protect YOUR data using a Nimble array that’s connected to the cloud. Reduce your monthly transfer costs and provide fast and reliable performance to your critical applications.

Storage on Demand – Cloud Consumption Pricing


Consume storage like the cloud with Storage On Demand, per-GB-per-month usage pricing for Nimble flash arrays. Only pay for what you use, whether it goes up or down, and we automatically deliver enough storage so you never run out.

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