A Single Platform for Virtualized Workloads

The Nimble Storage Predictive Flash platform enables businesses to deploy a single platform for all of their virtualized workloads. Deliver absolute performance, scale without disruption as you add Virtual Machines (VMs) to your virtualized server network, and manage storage as just another aspect of the virtualized environment.

Increase Virtual Machine Performance

Run virtualized applications faster
Consolidate more virtualized applications
Move VMs between all-flash and adaptive flash to meet changing performance needs

Integrate with Virtualized Environments Seamlessly


Offload VM data services from the server, provide seamless disaster recovery, manage and provision your Nimble array directly from your VM console.

Take the Guesswork Out of Scaling Your Virtualized Server Infrastructure


Deduplication and compression ensures
a cost-effective ‘right-sized’ deployment

Scale to Fit

Scale from small to large deployments
seamlessly and non-disruptively


Instantly resolve complex latency and performance issues (such as noisy neighbor) across host, network, and storage layers of the stack.

“We were seeing incredible performance with the Nimble arrays: We pushed them to their max with all that our servers could deliver and they never broke a sweat. We even ‘vStorage Motioned’ production databases onto it while running intense tests and actually saw a performance gain on those applications.”

– Benjamin Craig, SVP & Chief Technology Officer, Northrim Bank