Flash Storage for Openstack Clouds

The storage you choose for Openstack deployments matters. The temptation is to use commodity storage with open source software, but the wrong choice will lead to waste, complexity and unplanned costs.

Nimble Storage Predictive Flash platform provides an Openstack Cinder driver and also enables flash storage for Swift and Glance.

Swift object storage benefits from fast and predictable flash performance using Predictive Flash storage while reducing the overhead of the default 3 copy policy.
The Nimble Cinder driver, lets you directly access Predictive Flash storage as a block device. Automate provisioning, snapshots and cloning and let Nimble arrays offload I/O intensive operations from the host.
Glance image services benefit from using Predictive Flash storage as ephemeral storage for virtual machine images. Rapid image deployment and space savings are achieved using off-host space efficient snapshot and cloning.

Efficiency – 3 Copies is Wasteful


Open source storage projects like Ceph and Swift recommend a three copy policy for storage.  The cost of storing three copies adds up quickly and not only effects disk/SSD costs, but also data center and operating costs.

Nimble Predictive Flash platform is the most efficient in the market, providing the highest level of usable and effective capacity for all-flash arrays – storing over 2PB of data in just 12U of rack space. Space saving features like inline deduplication and compression reduce your storage usage and footprint by up to 5X or more. Space efficient snapshots, data replication, and clones ensure data is protected without performance overhead.

Improve Service Levels

1.2 Million IOPS

Fast and reliable – pick both.  Nimble Predictive Flash platform delivers over 99.9999% measured uptime and scales to over 1.2 million IOPS in a single cluster enabling you to improve both your uptime and performance SLAs.

Further optimize by providing premium and cost-optimized SLAs and adjust them the fly using the Multicloud Flash Fabric that combines all-flash and hybrid flash into a single pool of storage with common data services.

Secure and Isolate Tenants

Build an Openstack cloud that consolidates all your tenants. Everyone happily living together under one roof (cloud).

Application or Tenant granular encryption and data shredding.
Securely separate and abstract multiple tenants at both the storage network and volume levels.
Quality of Service
Automatically prevent rogue workloads from hogging resources.

Deliver Fast, Reliable, Storage Services More Efficiently

The Nimble Storage Predictive Flash platform provides an OpenStack Cinder driver for block storage and also enables flash storage for Swift object storage and Glance image services.

Manage Openstack, Not your Storage


Nimble InfoSight Predictive Analytics correlates trillions of sensor data points to predict and prevent issues across the infrastructure stack. Native driver integration automates storage provisioning through Openstack. InfoSight allows you to focus on cloud orchestration and new services, and spend less time managing your storage and infrastructure.

Partner Certifications


Nimble works closely with the Openstack community and distribution partners to ensure you have a stable and smooth deployment.