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Predictive Flash Platform for Virtualized Workloads

The Nimble Storage Predictive Flash platform lets organizations deploy a single IT platform for all virtualized workloads. Deliver absolute performance, scale without disruption as you add nodes to your VMware cluster, and manage storage as just another aspect of the virtualized environment.

A Unified Flash Fabric of all-flash and adaptive flash arrays, together with predictive analytics, is the single data storage platform that lets organizations achieve absolute performance, scale without disruption, and simplify operations.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve Flash-accelerated performance on your vSphere platform along with
    unmatched scalability that fits your budget
  • Radically simplify operations with VM-aware storage integrated with vSphere to
    improve efficiency and eliminate management silos
  • Anticipate and prevent issues through InfoSight predictive analytics with VMVision,
    for unmatched reliability, performance and visibility


The Solution

Nimble Storage Solution for VMware vSphere is a highly integrated solution for server virtualization that combines Nimble storage arrays with VMware vSphere – the industry-leading server virtualization platform and foundation for cloud environments. The solution provides industry leading integration, performance, cost-efficiency and predictive intelligence for enterprise-class and mid-size business deployments.

Extensive vCenter integration allows for efficient, single-pane management by Virtual Machine (VM) Administrators, who can now manage storage at the VM level.  For example, the Nimble implementation of vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVols) lets these administrators manage array-based data services such as snapshots and replication with per VM granularity.

Nimble Storage SmartStack Solutions with VMware

SmartStack™ integrated infrastructure from Cisco and Nimble Storage provides an optimal platform for deploying virtual environments, combining Cisco UCS servers, VMware vSphere 6, and the Nimble Storage Predictive Flash platform.

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“A single Nimble array outperformed over half of a rack of Dell EqualLogic by a factor of two. Nimble is now the only storage platform in our data centers.”

-Brian Troudy, Director of Networking and Infrastructure, Corona-Norco Unified School District