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Like a chain that derives strength from every link, your application performance and availability are only as good as your application infrastructure provides.

Get Extreme Performance for Oracle While Reducing Business Risks

Nimble Predictive Flash platform delivers the best all-flash performance with the industry’s highest measured up time for Oracle so you can keep business running at top speed and users happy at all times.


“With Nimble we’ve been able to cut the # of Oracle servers required to support a given database because the storage is so efficient.”

Igor Sternberg, CIO Wisconsin Department of Justice

Simplify Oracle Application Lifecycles and Improve ROI

Dev/test, QA, go-live, audit, maintenance: Nimble’s app-aware flash platform enables faster time to value by accelerating the most time-consuming phases in your application life cycle

  • Deploy at the speed of business with Nimble SmartStack™ for Oracle
  • Create over 100 clones of your production data in under 10 minutes for developer sandboxes and QA with new Nimble Oracle-aware clones
  • Achieve frequent and fast backups and simple recovery with new space-efficient Nimble Oracle-aware snapshots so simple even app owners will take them

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Enjoy Effortless Operations and Amazing Support

Every Nimble array comes with InfoSight Predictive Analytics software that predicts, prevents, and resolves 90% of issues before they impact performance so you can free up IT staff and resources for the new application projects you want.

Starting, budgeting, and planning new projects is easy when you can pay-as-you-go with Nimble Storage On Demand with new pricing just for databases.

Nimble SmartStack™ for Oracle


This integrated architecture is pre-tested and validated to shorten deployment times from weeks to hours. Whether you deploy on a single symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) server or run Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on multiple nodes, you’ll performance and reliability you need.

Solution components:

  • Cisco UCS compute & networking
  • Nimble storage
  • VMware vSphere 6.0 environment.

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