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Absolute Performance and Efficient Capacity

Nimble Storage arrays deliver absolute performance and efficient capacity for VMware Horizon View, resulting in a better end-user experience and cost-effective deployments.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver a consistent high-performance user experience with flash
  • Scale from small to large deployments seamlessly and non-disruptively
  • Eliminate silos for VDI, user data, and data protection with the Nimble Storage Unified Flash Fabric
  • Leverage Nimble reference architectures to speed deployments

Nimble Storage Infrastructure Solutions with VMware

Nimble Storage provides the right storage foundation for tested, pre-validated VDI reference architectures with VMware.


“We were absolutely floored at the difference in performance”

– Corona, Norco Unified School District

VMW_LGO_VMwareReady_Expansion_Storage_Metal1 copy

VMware Ready

Nimble Storage and VMware closely partner to provide comprehensive desktop virtualization (VDI) solutions. Nimble Storage arrays have been extensively tested to validate interoperability with VMware Horizon, to provide a better end-user experience and cost-effective deployments.