The Nimble Storage Predictive Cloud platform delivers the benefits of primary storage, backup, and disaster recovery for end-to-end data protection.

Simplified Data Protection Management
Nimble Storage provides high-performing and array-based data protection capabilities that have been integrated with leading third-party offerings to reduce operational complexity and simplify data protection management.
Superior Efficiency and Performance
Nimble Flash arrays deliver the IOPS and low latency to speed and improve data protection strategies. Efficient array-based snapshots, replication and cloning reduces load on servers and upstream resources, while deep integration with backup software improves administrator efficiency.
Predictive Flash Availability
Nimble InfoSight predictive analytics and Flash arrays comprise the storage industry’s only Predictive Flash platform, providing proactive monitoring plus fast backup, replication and recovery. Infosight anticipates and prevents nine out of ten problems automatically, ensuring over 99.9999% availability.

Data Protection Solutions

Nimble has technical alliances with a growing set of leading third-party data protection vendors. See our Alliance page for the latest list.

Nimble Solution for Commvault

Commvault data protection software provides centralized management, backup catalog and granular recovery, to protect and maintain the availability of business-critical workloads running on Nimble Storage.

Nimble Solution for Veeam Backup & Replication

Integration with Veeam data-protection software protects virtualized environments, improves backup routines, and enables IT teams to manage storage without the need for expensive external consultants.

Nimble Solution for Secondary Flash with Veeam

The Nimble Secondary Flash Array lets you put your backup to work. It’s one device for Backup, DR and Secondary Storage. Flash performance lets you do ‘real work’ like Dev/Test, QA and analytics. Integration with Veeam backup software simplifies data lifecycle management and provides a path to cloud archiving.

Customer Case Studies

“Nimble gives us two things. It’s so easy we can manage storage ourselves, and secondly, we have enough capacity in there to grow so much more.”

-Yashneel Pratap, IT Support and Development Manager, Youth Horizons