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Nimble Achieves an Industry-First Breakthrough – Six-Nines Measured Availability for its Entire Installed Base

Just over two years after announcing a measured availability of five-nines, we have once again further distanced ourselves from the pack by announcing that we achieved over six-nines (99.999928%) of measured availability across our entire installed base.

In a world where businesses are increasingly reliant on applications, six-nines availability translates to only 25 seconds of annual unplanned downtime.

Find out how Nimble achieves this breakthrough and keeps improving availability for all of our customers by:

  • Applying data science and machine learning to predict and prevent problems.
  • Utilizing cloud-based algorithms so infrastructure can learn from the Nimble installed base.
  • Preventing known issues from being experienced by other systems.
  • Resolving the root cause of issues spanning the entire stack from storage to VMs.

“Nimble Storage has demonstrated ‘six-nines plus’ availability, as it is based on actual measured, rather than projected, uptime across their entire installed base.” – Eric Burgener, Research Director, Storage at IDC