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The Power of InfoSight Predictive Analytics

Every four hours, InfoSight collects and analyzes more sensor data points from our customers’ arrays than there are stars in our galaxy. Predictive Analytics are then used to correlate vast amounts of information to find the needle in the haystack and solve your most complex issues.


Prevent Issues and Avoid Downtime

InfoSight predicts and prevents issues across the application-to-storage stack that slow data velocity. It enables you to avoid disruption and time wasted dealing with infrastructure problems.
Issues detected before you do
Nine out of 10 problems are automatically detected with prescriptive guidance on how to resolve them.
Measured Uptime
Measured availability of 99.9999% across thousands of arrays.
Hold time to speak with level 3 engineer
Nimble only employs level-3 engineers: InfoSight’s automation removes the pain of dealing with Level-1 and Level-2 support issues, saving thousands of hours per year.

Predict Storage Needs and Simplify Planning

Leverage predictive analytics to identify future needs and potential hotspots. Use prescriptive guidance to ensure optimal long-term performance, and eliminate error-prone guesswork.

State of Wisconsin Department of Justice

Learn more about how InfoSight and the power of predictive analytics have transformed the way the Department of Justice protects the people of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Department of Justice

“With InfoSight, Nimble Storage has enabled us to get immediately to the root cause of some pretty complex virtualization resource contention issues. Bottom line is that we’re saving 5 engineering man-hours per week. ”

-Tim Vogel, Chief Technology Officer, Xtium