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Set Up a Highly Available NFS Cluster with Nimble Storage Arrays

Building high-availability NFS clusters can be tricky. When a node fails and NFS services are restarted on another node, resources need to be readily available for the hypervisor—whether it’s KVM, VMware ESXi, or Microsoft Hyper-V.

But how do you make sure that storage resources are properly provisioned for the cluster configuration?

Nimble Storage arrays dramatically simplify the way storage is defined for NFS Linux servers in a highly available, active-passive NFS cluster so that the cluster can automate failovers.

Read the full Deployment Considerations to learn how to:

  • Set up an NFS cluster that uses Linux hosts with Nimble Storage arrays
  • Maximize the availability of the NFS gateway
  • Configure NFS servers in a way that improves performance and availability for NFS clients