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Network-attached storage (NAS) environments can be a cost-efficient, simple way to provide central storage capacity to multiple users—especially for small businesses set up in multiple remote offices. However, performance can be extremely inconsistent across distances, affecting your employees’ ability to access the information they need to make quick, informed decisions in real time.

What if you could benefit from the simplicity and remote access of NAS without taking a performance hit?

Coupled with Microsoft Scale-Out File Services on Windows Server 2012, Nimble Storage adaptive and all-flash arrays offer a high-performance and highly-available NAS infrastructure solution that provides your employees access to the information they need from remote locations.

Read the full deployment considerations to learn how to:

  • Speed up NAS performance with Nimble adaptive and all-flash arrays
  • Create a scale-out SMB file-sharing solution with Nimble arrays
  • Optimize your NAS infrastructure