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Looking at All Flash?

Organizations are flocking to all-flash arrays to meet rapidly changing storage performance needs. Download this report from IDC that summarizes the state of the flash-optimized enterprise array market and takes a closer look at Nimble Storage as one of the market leaders in this space.

In the report “Proven HFA Vendor Nimble Storage Achieving Rapid Success in the AFA Market” (doc #US41691616, August 2016) you will find:

  • What to consider when evaluating storage solutions for use with consolidated enterprise workloads
  • How predictive analytics can proactively address looming trouble situations and non-disruptive technology refresh
  • How Nimble Storage solutions meet customers stringent reliability and data integrity requirements

“When the customer specifically wants all flash, the “Nimble Storage” AF Series offers a high-performance, fully featured, and very cost-effective solution for enterprises and service providers of all sizes.”