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Consume Flash Storage like the Cloud

Storage on Demand provides the agility of a cloud service with the security of on-premise flash. Pay only for what you use and avoid the guesswork and waste from owning or leasing flash storage.

Pay for What You Use

Don’t pay for what you don’t use.




This is NOT a tiered lease. Your monthly bill will reflect your actual usage (storage or application usage) – whether it goes up or down.


Never Run Out



We use InfoSight to monitor your actual usage and automatically ship additional capacity and performance before it is needed. Of course you don’t pay for the additional resources until you use them.


No Long-Term Contracts



Only 12-month commit with a minimum monthly spend. After 12 months you can go month-to-month or cancel entirely.

storage on demand

Nimble Storage on Demand

See how Nimble Storage on Demand works and how you get the benefits of cloud AND the security and control of your own storage.

Storage On Demand Solution Overview

Learn more in the Storage On Demand solution overview.

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