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With Nimble, Less is More

Data Reduction

Storage vendors can make things very confusing. Raw capacity. Usable capacity. Effective capacity. And then there’s deduplication, compression, Zero copy clones and more. But at the end of the day…

… all you should care about is how much capacity is available for your applications. This is what’s called “effective capacity”.

That’s why we challenge you to find ANY All Flash array that gives you more effective capacity for a given amount of raw capacity.

Go ahead, we dare you to check us out.


Why are we so confident?

Because it starts with an extra 20% capacity

Right off the bat, Nimble achieves 20% more usable space than other competitors through an innovative filesystem that includes Triple+ Parity RAID integrated data protection and advanced flash endurance management – all with less overhead.

That’s the efficiency of our CASL file system.

A Suite of Advanced Data Reduction Capabilities

Inline variable block deduplication

Inline variable block data compression

Zero-pattern elimination

Zero copy clones

Thin Provisioning

Space-efficient snapshots


All working together to save you space and money

Always On

Our data reduction continues to perform when it’s most needed. So unlike other All Flash arrays, we don’t turn it off to keep up with the heaviest write workloads.


Expected Savings by Application


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 4 – 10x+
Virtual Server Environments 2.5 – 8x
Databases 2 – 6x
Other (e.g. – Exchange, SharePoint, File, etc.) 1.5 – 5x

Savings above exclude the benefits from Thin Provisioning and Snapshots