Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Did HPE Acquire Nimble Storage?

HPE sees Nimble Storage’s products as a complement to our existing mid to high-end 3PAR flash solutions. Together, we will simplify and strengthen the way we serve you, in particular by extending the value of Nimble Storage’s innovative InfoSight predictive analytics software across the entire portfolio.

Together, HPE and Nimble Storage deliver a full range of superior flash storage solutions for customers across every segment. Flash storage is a fast-growing market, one that is an increasingly important element of today’s hybrid IT environment. Nimble’s predictive flash offerings are the perfect complement to the HPE storage portfolio, from scalable midrange to high-end 3PAR solutions and affordable MSA products.

In addition, HPE plans to incorporate Nimble’s InfoSight Predictive Analytics platform across its storage portfolio. This will enable a stronger, simplified support experience for HPE customers. For example, InfoSight automatically detects over 90 percent of issues within a customer’s infrastructure, and resolves over 85 percent of them. This dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort a customer’s IT team spends on support activities.

Key benefits the combined HPE and Nimble portfolio offer customers:

  • The ability to seamlessly move data and replicate across hybrid flash and all-flash storage to meet the needs of a vast range of primary and secondary workloads
  • Integrated data protection with application aware snapshots, encryption, replication and integration with leading independent software vendors
  • Effortless management of storage along with data compaction to reduce capacity costs
  • Predictive support automation to anticipate and prevent most problems before a customer is even aware of the issue
  • Quality of service controls and full stack analytics to ensure predictable performance in hybrid IT deployments
  • Increased dedicated sales specialist support
  • An array portfolio that is cloud ready, providing the flexibility to create a multicloud environment and easily migrate data between on-premises and the public cloud

2. When Can I Order the Combined HPE and Nimble Storage Solutions?

Nimble Storage will continue to operate separately from HPE during the transition period. The availability of combined HPE and Nimble Storage solutions will be announced later in 2017. Until then, please contact your Nimble or HPE account representative, respectively, if you have questions about ordering.

3. What Does the Acquisition Mean for Existing HPE and Nimble Storage Products?

HPE will not “end of life” EOL the Nimble Storage product line. HPE is viewing this deal as an expansion and intends to continue investing in the Nimble product line. Together we will enable customers like you to simplify IT operations and optimize your data needs with the right balance of price, performance, and agility.

Though we plan to make specific announcements about Nimble and HPE products by the end of the year, our expectation is that existing HPE and Nimble Storage Products will be unaffected by the acquisition for the foreseeable future.

  • HPE MSA – HPE MSA is unaffected by the announcement to acquire Nimble. MSA is a leader in the entry category with more than 500,000 units deployed worldwide to date. It provides simple affordable storage to meet the performance needs of small sites.
  • HPE StoreVirtual – The Nimble acquisition does not affect HPE StoreVirtual. StoreVirtual 3200 is our most affordable storage for the agile needs of small sites. The standalone StoreVirtual VSA is a software-defined storage controller that complements both StoreVirtual 3200 and 3PAR StoreServ.
  • HPE XP – HPE XP is not affected by the acquisition of Nimble Storage. HPE XP provides extreme availability enterprise storage for mission-critical application consolidation.
  • 3PAR StoreServ – 3PAR StoreServ is and will continue to be the HPE lead for the enterprise-class needs of the all-flash enterprise datacenter.
  • Nimble Storage products are not impacted and will be available through Nimble Storage until a later date when they become available through HPE.

4. How Can I Learn More About HPE Nimble Solutions and Roadmap?

Looking forward, we have a clear product roadmap for our hybrid IT offerings and storage portfolio. Our acquisition of Nimble fits squarely in it. We are listening to our customers’ needs and continuing to help them shift from the traditional data center to a software-defined datacenter, with all-flash storage at its core.

A key element of that roadmap is the Nimble InfoSight predictive analytics platform. HPE will leverage InfoSight across our portfolio of storage products, enabling our customers to monitor deployed infrastructure from the cloud, apply machine learning and predictive analytics to simplify operations and deliver a transformed support experience.

5. Does this mean the level of innovation I have come to expect from Nimble Storage will decline?

No. The scale of the combined business will allow for accelerated investment in Nimble Storage. HPE is viewing this as an expansion deal and we expect HPE will invest aggressively in innovation across its portfolio, including Nimble Storage. Our combined entity will be able to bring flash optimized flash storage solutions that provide the right balance of price, performance, and agility, to all customers.

6. What impact will the acquisition of Nimble have on HPE hyperconverged and SimpliVity OmniStack?

Hyper Converged and HPE SimpliVity OmniStack are unaffected by the acquisition of Nimble. Together, Nimble and SimpliVity will enable HPE to address a broader set of customer use cases and needs from leading predictive flash block storage to enterprise software defined Hyper Converged infrastructure, enabling customers to deploy the right data services across all workloads and deployment types.

7. What is the role of the Nimble portfolio in the HPE storage portfolio?

Nimble flash arrays will extend the reach and coverage of the HPE storage portfolio. The portfolio provides predictive, cloud-ready storage with management simplicity for on-premises and the public cloud deployments. Nimble InfoSight will accelerate the transformation of the HPE storage portfolio into an analytics-based customer experience — including for 3PAR StoreServ.

8. When will Nimble interoperate with HPE servers?

The Nimble portfolio interoperates with a broad range of HPE and other vendors’ servers today. The Nimble interoperability matrix is planned to be added to the HPE interoperability matrix.

9. How does Nimble relate to the HPE software defined datacenter (SDDC) strategy?

Nimble builds on our strategy to deliver the next generation software defined data platform. This enables customers to simplify Hybrid IT across on-premises and public cloud environments. The combination of HPE Synergy, Nimble and HPE 3PAR provides an agile, efficient platform for traditional and cloud native applications. Nimble also complements the recent additions to the HPE portfolio of SimpliVity and CloudCruiser, making it possible for customers with enterprise data services and analytics to deliver the right mix of private and public cloud. HPE Flex Capacity offers flexible consumption models from CAPEX to monthly usage based pay for use.

10. How are the Nimble and HPE 3PAR StoreServ product lines complementary?

Nimble arrays provide predictive, cloud-ready storage with management simplicity. HPE 3PAR StoreServ arrays provide the most flexible unified storage solutions for the all-flash enterprise datacenter. The combination of the product lines plus Nimble InfoSight will provide a broad spectrum of customers with the most compelling portfolio of flash-optimized storage available.

11. Will my support experience change? It is a big reason why I am such a happy Nimble Storage customer.


HPE plans to integrate Nimble Storage in a way that will retain the unique Nimble Storage customer experience. The best-in-class support engine at Nimble Storage, including InfoSight, is one of the primary drivers of the acquisition. There are three aspects to maintaining and improving the customer experience over time:

  1. Transition existing Nimble Storage support and management resources into HPE where they will continue to support the Nimble Storage product line.
  2. Nimble Storage customers frequently reference that they love Nimble Storage because it “just works.” This is one reason HPE has acquired Nimble Storage and is planning to integrate Nimble Storage engineering into HPE Storage with a continued commitment to simplicity, quality, and resiliency across development and QA.
  3. The predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities of InfoSight are strengthened as the volume of data points available for analysis grows. By integrating information across a broader installed base of infrastructure, InfoSight can become more powerful and be able to predict and prevent more issues.

12. I am concerned about losing the customer experience I have with Nimble, will things change now Nimble is a part of HPE?

The strength of Nimble’s support experience was a key factor in the HPE decision to acquire the company. HPE is committed to adopting best practices within the broader HPE support organization. One of the factors in Nimble Storage’s support experience is the ability to predict and prevent issues using InfoSight predictive analytics. HPE plans to implement InfoSight across existing HPE storage product lines, and is investigating how to integrate with other parts of the HPE portfolio as well. This has the potential to transform HPE’s support experience.

Will I still be able to work with my partner to buy more Nimble Storage products?
Yes. Partners will continue to operate within the terms of the Nimble Storage Partner Program and maintain existing agreements until the deal closes. There will be a transition period with no change to the agreements between Nimble Storage and the channel partners to ensure business continuity.

13. Will my sales team change?

We will communicate any changes to customers and partners. HPE has a goal of integrating Nimble Storage sales force with HPE through a transition period, minimizing any disruption to the customer.