Make Data as Portable as
Docker Containers

Would you eat a hamburger without fries? Something would be missing. Yet, most people forget about data when they containerize apps. Docker Containers make it easy to build, ship, and run apps anywhere. But what about data? With Nimble, apps and data go together – always.

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Nimble Storage Docker Containers
storage on demand


A full set of data services for your entire DevOps cycle



Lift & Shift Data with Applications

On-board Data
On-board Data
Instantly convert legacy volumes to Docker volumes when containerizing applications.
Multicloud On-Ramp
Multicloud On-Ramp
Move data between on-premises and AWS or Azure using Nimble Cloud Volumes.
Consistent and Predictable
Consistent and Predictable
Same rich data services on any OS, any platform, any infrastructure.


Compatible with Windows
and Linux Containers


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Simple. Reliable. Efficient.

Six 9's of Measured Availability
Six 9’s of Measured Availability
The combination of InfoSight with a fault-tolerant system design has achieved over six-nines of measured availability across over 10,000 customers.
5-10x Less Capacity Needed
5-10x Less Capacity Needed
No need to store three data copies thanks to Triple+ Parity RAID. Inline deduplication, and compression reduce data even more.
Enterprise Ops Made Easy
Enterprise Ops Made Easy
Predictive Infrastructure learns. It makes delivering consistent performance easy.



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