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To reap the full benefits of containers for data-intensive applications, you need persistent storage that delivers speed, scale, and agility to match.

Nimble offers proven, persistent storage, enterprise class data management, and the most comprehensive Docker Volume plugin on the market. You get the self-service DevOps teams want with the effortless operations IT requires.

Do Business at the Speed of DevOps

Even when working with stateful apps

  • Give every developer a private copy of data from your production environment with Nimble zero-copy clones
  • Treat storage infrastructure as code: use Docker REST API or Docker Command Line Interface – to provision, orchestrate, and manage persistent volumes
  • Containerize any stateful application or workload by either cloning or importing a snapshot or pre-existing data volume in seconds

docker container

Learn about fast and reliable persistent, shared storage and integrated data protection.

Simplify IT Operations and Cut Costs

Meet developers needs without working weekends with Predictive Flash

  • Setup and provision in minutes not days with enterprise class arrays that work right out of the box
  • Enjoy effortless operations and amazing support with InfoSight™ predictive analytics
  • Maximize your server virtualization savings when you combine containers with shared storage and built-in data reduction features, such as de-dupe, compression, and more
  • Get affordable high availability from shared storage, not costly application level replication
  • Improve security, data protection, and more. All software and premium features are automatically included with every Nimble array

Cloud-like agility

From the moment you kick-start your pilot project to the moment you deploy worldwide, Nimble and our partners offer you application infrastructure as agile as your containers.

  • Pay-as-you-go with Nimble Storage On Demand.
  • Choose your deployment model and change it any time: cloud, on premise, bare metal or hypervisors.