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Nimble Storage offers customer support that helps you get the most from your storage investment. As a Nimble customer, you can expect:

Nimble Storage offers customer support that helps you get the most from your storage investment. As a Nimble customer, you can expect:

  • Support delivered by experienced Technical Support Engineers
  • Support teams that are co-located with software and hardware engineers to ensure rapid resolution of customer issues
  • Deep visibility into overall storage health, automated actionable reporting and fast, proactive troubleshooting of issues with Nimble Storage InfoSight™
  • Built-in Proactive Wellness that constantly monitors and analyzes system parameters for optimal operations
  • 24×7 service for customers who require around-the-clock support resources, including the new 4-Hour Onsite Parts Replacement service
  • Nimble Storage Pro Installation Services provides rapid planning, installation, and validation of Nimble arrays into your environment
  • Dedicated, expert management and support resources for customers who enlist Nimble Storage Concierge Services
  • A commitment to deliver the highest level of support and customer satisfaction in the storage industry
  • A vibrant online community of Nimble Storage users, partners and product experts worldwide —NimbleConnect

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Nimble Storage InfoSight

Online Support Services

The InfoSight Engine
A data collection and analysis engine comprised of powerful analytics, system modeling capabilities, and predictive algorithms

The Nimble Storage InfoSight Portal

A secure online portal which serves as a window into the InfoSight Engine.

Proactive Wellness

Proactive alerts for system health, performance, and protection gaps

Self Help Library

Knowledgebase articles to help configure your environment or resolve a variety of issues.

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Contact Support

For general support issues or to request a login ID, please email

For SmartStack support issues or questions, please email



United States
Toll Free: 1-877-364-6253
Local: 408-432-9600;
(x2 for Support; x7 for SmartStack)

Toll Free: 1-800-751-916

Toll Free: 0800-802199

Toll Free, Mobile Enabled: 0800-262-76

Toll Free, Mobile Enabled: 400-120-0986

Toll Free, Mobile Enabled: 8070-5309

Toll Free: 0800-911093

Toll Free: 0800-915-792

Toll Free, Mobile Enabled: 0800-183-0882

Hong Kong
Toll Free: 800-906-526

Toll Free: 800-8565

Toll Free: 001-803-015-204-5861

Toll Free: 1-800-550367

Toll Free: 1-809-315705

Toll Free, Mobile Enabled: 800-788-966

Toll Free, Mobile Enabled: 0800-170-9299

Toll Free: 800-8-8078 / National: +352-20202368

Toll Free: 1-800-817-369
Local: 0154-877-0725

Toll Free, Mobile Enabled: 0-800-020-0730

New Zealand
Toll Free: 0800-447-410

Local: +234-1-440-7370

Toll Free: 800-17-365

Toll Free: 1-800-1-116-0920

Toll Free:  0-0-800-141-0271

Toll Free: 800-852-3823

South Africa
Toll Free: 0800-983-609

South Korea
Toll Free: 080-808-0422

Toll Free: 020-791-743
Local: (10) +46-101992444

Toll Free, Mobile Enabled: 0800-802-544
Zurich: +41-435082007

Toll Free: 00801-14-7152

Toll Free: 001-800-852-8405

Toll Free: 8000-3570-2844

Toll Free 0800-113-216

United Kingdom
Toll Free: 0-808-134-9962
Local: 0330 808 0085

Toll Free: 1800-9402



Nimble Storage Warranty and Support Offerings

Hardware and Software Warranty
Nimble Storage systems come with the following warranties. No additional purchase required. Further, we will provide phone support for replacing a defective part.

  • 1-Year Hardware Warranty : We will replace defective hardware parts¹
  • 90-Day Software Warranty : For 90 days we will provide software updates for any defects
Support Offerings Premium 4-Hour
with Onsite Parts Replacement
Premium 4-Hour Next Business Day
Helpdesk Support with Aggressive SLA
24 x 7 telephone and email assistance

  • P12: Telephone response in 30 minutes or less with immediate escalation to Engineering, if required
  • P22: Response in 2 business hours or less
  • P32: Response in 8 business hours or less
  • P42: Next business day (Monday through Friday)

24 x 7 Engineering Escalation Support

Yes Yes Yes
Online Support Portal Access
Access installation guide, user guide, and other relevant documentation
 Yes  Yes  Yes
Access to Software Update
Access to software updates covering major, minor, and maintenance releases
Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Hardware Replacement
Nimble Storage will ship replacement part(s) in advance of receiving defect part(s). Service Level to receive the part(s)
Not Available Within 4 hours3 By the next business day4
4-Hour Onsite Parts Replacement 

Nimble Storage will replace parts within service level

 Within 4 hours3, 5  Not Available Not Available
On-Site Spares Option

    • Availability of individual parts or entire kit on site for quick replacement
    • Ideal for locations where Advanced Hardware
  • Replacement option is not available
 Available as an add-on Available as an add-on Available as an add-on

1: For hardware warranty claims, defective parts must be received before replacement parts are shipped.
2: Severity/Priority levels are defined as:
P1: Not serving data or severe performance degradation or single controller not operational
P2: Performance degradation or intermittent software faults or network degradation
P3: Issue or defect causing minimal business impact
P4: Request for information; administrative requests
3: Contact Nimble Storage for the latest list. For areas not currently covered, Nimble Storage offers on-site spare parts/kits for purchase.
4: Parts must be identified by 3:00 PM local time. Contact Nimble Storage for the latest list. For areas not currently covered, Nimble Storage offers on-site spare parts/kits for purchase.
5: 4-Hour Onsite Parts Replacement Service time begins when root cause identification is complete. Contact Nimble Storage for details.

Concierge Services

Nimble Storage can provide customers with dedicated account management for their storage infrastructure. A Concierge Manager can tailor the entire management and support experience to specific customer needs across the following areas:

  • Support and Case Management (Reactive Support)
  • Account Management and Education
  • Availability
  • Scalability and Performance

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