Ready to move your enterprise applications to the cloud? Nimble Cloud Volumes will get them there faster.

Cloud Simple, Enterprise Reliable

The simplicity of native cloud storage— with enterprise-grade capabilities.

Assured reliability
Proven storage availability and millions of times more durable than native cloud block storage.
Accelerated backups
Instant snapshot backups and clones allow you to make copies faster and protect your data more often.
Stronger security
256-bit granular encryption ensures each and every data volume in the cloud is secure.

Your Data, Where You Need It

Get data mobility and eliminate cloud lock-in. Easily move data between the public cloud and your data center.

Cloud On-Ramp
Easily move to the cloud with fast data on-ramping and avoid slow and manual migrations.
No Lock-in
Use multiple public clouds without the need to migrate data. Avoid lock-in and large data egress charges.
Cloud Ready
Make your datacenter cloud-ready. Easily move data where you need it—whether in the public cloud or in your data centers.

See Inside the Cloud


See across clouds and your data center to gain global visibility—no matter where your data is. Infosight Predictive Analytics anticipate and prevent issues across the stack and provide insights to help you optimize data placement and resource usage, and uncover opportunities for savings.

Partners – More Clouds, More Services, More Choice



Starting from $0.10 / GiB / month

Pay As You Go – cancel anytime

General Purpose Flash Storage

Premium Flash Storage

Capacity Costs

$0.10 / GiB / month $0.12 / GiB / month

IOPS Included

0.5 IOPS / GiB

Cost for additional IOPS

$0.04 / IOPS / month $0.06 / IOPS / month

IOPS Delivery Rate

> 95% > 99%

Snapshots and Clones

$0.10 / GiB / month usage charges apply on new and changed data. Never pay for full copies. Clones also incur IOPS charges per above. $0.12 / GiB / month usage charges apply on new and changed data. Never pay for full copies. Clones also incur IOPS charges per above.

Replication Store Costs

$0.10 / GiB / month $0.14 / GiB / month

Azure Network Access Charge

$450 per Azure VNET

Enterprise Support

12% add-on for unlimited 24×7 technical support (phone/email)

Prepay and Save 15%

Buy discounted usage credits upfront and use them when you need them.

Additional Amazon Web Services and/or Microsoft Azure charges will apply. Prepaid credits expire 13 months after purchase. Prices do not include taxes, if applicable.

GiB = 10243 = 1,073,742,824 bytes

Available Features

Amazon Web Services support


Microsoft Azure support


Multicloud support


Instant Snapshots


Instant Clones


256-bit Volume Encryption


Cloud Visibility and Reporting


Data Center to Cloud replication


Nimble Cloud Volumes service is currently available in the USA and coming to other regions soon.