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  • Ace Relocation Systems

    Ace Relocation IT manager outlines how the firm reduced VDI latency by 50 percent, efficiently stores snapshots, and saves staff time with its Nimble solution.

  • Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

    Kimball Electronics simplified its operations and improved performance of critical applications with Nimble Storage.

  • Amadeus Capital

    This leading European venture capital firm powers its virtualised servers system with Nimble Storage.

  • Amaze360

    Once implemented, the Nimble arrays provided immediate benefits to Amaze360.
    Management requirements were reduced and support for production systems greatly improved.

  • Atkins Nutritionals

    Nimble Storage and VMware vSphere simplify management, enable non-disruptive upgrades, improve performance, and achieve a 3:1 consolidation of IT infrastructure.

  • Australian Institute of Management

    The institute’s scalable, high-availability Nimble CS-Series and InfoSight solution enables new classroom technologies, public cloud services, and virtualization—at 30 percent less cost than other vendors.

  • Aveva

    AVEVA Goes Global with Nimble Storage for Increased Performance

  • BCT Australia

    With its scalable Nimble solution, this service provider to the healthcare, financial services and public sector markets can offer new services, including an IaaS offering with a six-fold increase in performance.

  • BlueTie

    With its Nimble solution, the SaaS provider optimized performance of its email platform, reduced its storage footprint, and cut annual OpEx by more than $100,000.

  • Boulevard Brewing

    IT leader, Tony Lux, at the 10th largest U.S. craft brewery outlines how its Nimble solution increases performance, saves capacity, consolidates workloads and enables more VDI.

  • Brightsource

    With its Nimble solution, this marketing services and technology company quickly and easily processes millions of records and sets different RPOs for data sets. It also gets strategic management and unprecedented support.

  • Camberwell Grammar School

    This school learned how to cost-effectively enable VDI and meet future IT demands: Its scalable Nimble solution reduces the storage footprint by 75 percent and provides simple-to-manage technology.

  • Canadian International School

    CIS uses its Nimble solution to give students, faculty and administrators fast, high-availability access to applications and data.

  • Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

    Data centres that serve 43,000 students and 4,500 staff triple their storage performance, improve security and disaster recovery, and reduce their storage footprint by 75 percent.

  • City of Conroe, Texas

    Network Services Supervisor, Damien Tijerina, describes why he switched to the Nimble OS to gain the performance and efficiency needed for the city’s VMware vSphere environment.

  • City of Del Mar

    City of Del Mar IT manager, Emily Bernardo, outlines how a Nimble solution brought the city dramatic OpEx savings by consolidating storage, improving management and protecting its data.

  • City of Hot Springs

    The city of Hot Springs leverages Nimble Storage to virtualize their business-critical applications and lay the foundation for virtual desktops.

  • City of Hot Springs More

    City of Hot Springs leverages Nimble Storage InfoSight for storage monitoring, ensuring uptime, and for performance and capacity planning.

  • City of Pueblo, Colorado

    City of Pueblo Selects Nimble Storage All Flash Array to Enhance Community Services and Public Safety

  • Clackamas County

    With Nimble CS-Series arrays and InfoSight management, Clackamas County discovered unmatched storage performance and price, and dramatically improved recovery point objectives (RPOs) with efficient snapshots.

  • Community Health Plan of Washington

    A SmartStack integrated Nimble-Cisco-VMware infrastructure brings the nonprofit CHPW scalability, 86 percent savings on footprint overhead, and 50 percent CapEx savings on its upgrade of capacity and performance.

  • Corona-Norco Unified School District

    A Nimble Storage SmartStack solution integrates storage onto one platform that virtualizes file, application, and SQL servers. It also cuts CapEx in half and OpEx by 83 percent.

  • Cosentry

    Nimble InfoSight and storage arrays enable Cosentry to cut its datacenter costs, simplify management and use predictive insights to optimize productivity and system availability, and refocus customers from cost to value.

  • Cricut

    When the industrial-grade manufacturer deployed its Nimble solution, it tripled SAP performance, simplified storage management, and achieved efficient disaster recovery, including 92 percent faster restoration.

  • Deakin University

    The prestigious university, with more than 47,000 students, reduces capital costs by 40 percent—and gains unprecedented levels of IT visibility and productivity with Nimble InfoSight.

  • Department of Justice

        Igor Steinberg, CIO at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, talks about how Nimble Storage with Infosight has completely eliminated unplanned downtime by turning its disk arrays into always-available… Read More

  • DMB Associates

    With Nimble InfoSight and CS-Series arrays, the real estate development firm dramatically increased the performance of Citrix and Sharepoint applications and DevTest cloning—while greatly reducing CapEx and OpEx.

  • Dreamscape Networks

    The web hosting and domain provider uses Nimble InfoSight and arrays to serve its million-plus customers with 800TB capacity, seamless growth, and better data protection and storage management.

  • East Gippsland Shire Council

    This rural government uses Nimble arrays to increase performance, centralize storage dispersed at 23 sites and reduce total storage by 33 percent—and uses Nimble InfoSight to dramatically lower IT management costs.

  • EU Services

    Its solution of tightly integrated Nimble arrays and VMware View increased VDI performance, dramatically reduced help-desk calls, converted 10-hour backups to 10-second snapshots, and reduced CapEx.

  • First Choice Health

    Healthcare network boosts performance and slashes recovery times for VDI, web servers, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, and other applications.

  • First State Super

    To boost agility and efficiency, the fast-growing funds management firm deployed Nimble arrays in its two virtualized data centres. The results: a more robust virtualized environment, data protection, and cost savings.

  • Freight Mark

    Its business growth constrained by overloaded storage, the Asia-Pacific logistics firm migrated to a scalable Nimble SAN that met its current—and future—performance and capacity needs, at a lower TCO.

  • Frequentis

    Hightech Made in Austria – Frequentis AG setzt auf Predictive Flash-Lösungen von Nimble Storage

  • Gateway Health

    Facing exponential data growth, the healthcare insurer deployed a Nimble solution that accelerated Oracle and SQL read/write performance, ended user complaints about Citrix VDI performance and improved storage management—plus delivered cost savings.

  • Gippsland Water

    Serving 140,000 people, the agency replaced its EMC arrays with a scalable Nimble solution that simplifies management, manages snapshots more granularly and brings its data centres capacity for five years or more.

  • Global Financial Review

    With Nimble Storage, this financial services provider to large institutions cut its data centers’ storage costs in half, reduced latencies by 10x, and simplified management of its SaaS, Citrix and SQL environments.

  • Graniterock

    In its mission-critical VDI and data recovery environment, Graniterock discovered dramatic capacity and performance gains, simplied backup, and elimination of system downtime—after it converted to Nimble Storage.

  • Grant Street Group

    When the SaaS provider to governmental and financial institutions replaced its all-flash and traditional arrays with the Nimble platform, it gained capacity, proactive management and higher performance, at a lower TCO.

  • Grant Thornton

    An acquisition made upgrading storage an urgent priority for the global advisory’s Australian operations. Consolidating onto the Nimble platform quickly increased performance, capacity and reliability—and brings unprecedented scalability.

  • Greenway Medical

    The EHR solutions company’s virtualization engineer, Greg Profitt, outlines how its Nimble arrays’ performance, efficient caching, backups and ease of use reduce both CapEx and OpEx.

  • Grocery Outlet

    Nimble arrays boosted the performance of the retailer’s Oracle database, and eliminated the complexity and many hours of systems management, including backups and data recovery.

  • Heidelberg Engineering

    Die CASL (Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout)-Architektur und die Adaptive Flash Plattform von Nimble Storage erlaubt es uns, in alle Richtun- gen investitionssicher zu skalieren. Wir sind mit der 2013 getroffenen Entscheidung, in diese Lösung zu investieren, bislang sehr zufrieden und freuen uns auf gemeinsames Wachstum.

  • Höganäs

    Höganäs opted for a green, fast and safe solution

  • Hosted Desktop UK

    When this fast-growing service provider replaced its Dell storage with Nimble InfoSight and arrays, it raised VDI performance 8x, doubled capacity, improved DR and increased its services, customer satisfaction, and revenues.

  • Hutchinson Clinic

    Provided the ability to speed access to patient information, non-disruptively scale the IT environment, and keep up with changing healthcare laws. Simplified infrastructure management, eliminating all “IT management anxiety”.

  • Ideal Integrations

    When this IT solutions provider deployed Nimble arrays for its fast-growing cloud/IaaS service, it gained independent scalability of I/O and capacity, and now brings customers optimal performance at lower costs.

  • Imagine Learning

    The software developer deployed Nimble arrays for primary storage, snapshot-based backups, and integrated replication—transforming its storage from a liability into an asset that reduces CapEx and OpEx.

  • Integr8IT

    When this cloud services provider converted to Nimble InfoSight and arrays, it achieved higher availability and happier clients—as well as improved profitability and enabled new revenue streams.

  • Intercraft Trading

    When this large distributor deployed Nimble InfoSight and an array for its VMware and SQL environment, it gained robust data compression and sped backups—and ended users’ complaints about availability and performance.

  • ISPNet

    ISPNet expands Infrastructure-as-a-Service Capabilities with Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash.

  • Jeanswest

    When the retailer deployed a Nimble CS-Series array and InfoSight for its VMware hosts and servers, it gained footprint and capacity savings, and improved its data protection with redundancy and RAID 6.

  • Kanaly Trust

    This multibillion-dollar financial firm achieved enterprise-class storage performance, scalability and DR—including extended snapshots, non disruptive upgrades and proactive management—with Nimble arrays and InfoSIght.

  • Killik & Co

    Killik & Co. an investment firm focused on high net worth clients, enhances customer engagement with faster access to data.

  • Kimball Electronics

    Kimball Electronics simplified its operations and improved performance of critical applications with Nimble Storage.

  • Kimball International

    Kimball Electronics simplified its operations and improved performance of critical applications with Nimble Storage.

  • Kinaxis

    When the supply-chain-management SaaS provider deployed Nimble arrays for its production, R&D and DR, it increased performance and capacity, gained IT team agility and superior customer support, and can expand virtualization.

  • Klohn Crippen Berger

    With nine Nimble arrays, the award-winning engineering and environmental firm simplifies its global data protection and accelerates its cross-continental disaster recovery after a flood “wake-up call.”

  • Knox Grammar School

    Independent school in Sydney, Australia simplifies storage management and upgrades disaster recovery strategy.

  • Korea Smart Card

    Korea Smart Card produces faster performance for its users and saves 80 percent in rack space by implementing a Citrix VDI environment and Nimble CS-Series arrays.

  • Large Oil & Gas Company

    When this multi-billion dollar oil and gas producer deployed Nimble arrays for its 3,000 VDI users, TCO plummeted and end users’ productivity soared with office and field applications.

  • Leosphere

    Leosphere augmente avec l’Adaptive Flash de Nimble Storage la protection et la disponibilité de ses données

  • Linear Technology

    Integrated circuit producer realizes high performance at a lower cost, reduces storage footprint by 6x, simplifies management, and improves data protection and DR.

  • Loreto College

    Loreto College Consolidates Storage And Builds Capacity With Nimble Storage

  • LUSH Cosmetics

    When LUSH Cosmetics North America moved its VM, SQL, Exchange and ERP storage infrastructure onto Nimble arrays with InfoSight, it gained non-disruptive scaling, efficient snapshots, simplified management and much faster applications performance.

  • Madden Corporation

    Bryan Ward discusses how the Madden Corporation simplified backup with Nimble Storage.

  • McElvain Energy

    The company’s IS director outlines why it chose a Nimble solution over Dell and Hitachi, and the results for its 90-user VDI and Exchange and SQL environment.

  • medocino GmbH

    medocino verbessert die Flexibilität und Performance im Software-Entwicklungsprozess

  • Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust

    The iconic, bustling sports and entertainment precinct uses a Nimble Storage CS460 array to improve storage performance 10X while reducing costs, reduce rack space 50 percent and gain scalability.

  • Mesa Community College

    Adaptive Flash platform increases Oracle performance by 5x, cuts management time by 67%

  • Montefiore Homes

    For this established company, a Nimble array and new IT vision lower its storage TCO, raise reliability, and improve and accelerate operations for its VMware environment.

  • Mulvanny G2

    Architecture firm consolidates storage onto Nimble systems to achieve capacity and performance requirements for 3D modeling files.

  • MulvannyG2

    Top architecture firm uses Nimble Storage InfoSight for a centralized view of its global storage infrastructure.

  • National Rugby League (NRL)

    While rapidly growing its VM services and transitioning to a consolidated infrastructure and in-house IT management, NRL found a Nimble solution that increased capacity and dramatically simplified its storage management.

  • NCFE

    NCFE benefits from Nimble Storage’s tightly integrated virtualisation awareness to deliver agile working initiative and improve user experience.

  • Niko Group

    When the European electro-technical company deployed Nimble InfoSight and arrays to consolidate its SAP, Siebel and Microsoft Exchange applications, it gained visibility into VM performance details and 30 to 40 percent faster backups.

  • Nodaway Valley Bank

    In this blog post, Don Shields discusses how Nodaway Valley Bank achieved dramatically simplified deployment of virtualized Exchange and SQL servers with Nimble Storage.

  • Northrim Bank

    CIO Benjamin Craig discusses the dramatic capacity savings and 500 percent improvement in backup and throughput times his firm has realized with Nimble Storage.

  • Oaks Christian School

    The college preparatory school improved users’ applications access—and tripled storage performance at 20 percent the cost of flash-only alternatives—by implementing a Nimble Storage, Cisco, and Citrix solution.

  • Ortigas

    By converting its SAN to Nimble Storage, this leading Philippine real estate developer dramatically reduced its backup and disaster recovery times, as well as capacity consumption.

  • P&O Maritime

    When the global IT center for P&O Maritime deployed a SmartStack Cisco, VMware, and Nimble infrastructure—combined with Nimble InfoSight monitoring—it gained reliability, redundancy, and scalability, as well as cost savings.

  • Parliament of Victoria

    The IT team chose Nimble CS460G-X2 arrays for their agility, ease of use, eco-friendliness—and outperforming the EMC and NetApp alternatives by 3X. It also gained happy users and cost savings.

  • Pental

    Scalability, capacity, availability, and snapshot backups allow Australia’s largest soap manufacturer to simplify rollout of VDI and disaster recovery.

  • Phillips Capital

    The implementation has been an overwhelming success; enabling Phillips Capital to manage storage infrastructure expansion projections well into the future.

  • Pinnacol Assurance

    Nimble and Cisco UCS Solution Reduces Data Center Footprint and Cuts Infrastructure Costs by 4X, while Simplifying Storage Management.

  • planet 33

    Bezahlbare Performance. Der Datenturbo im Mittelstand.

  • Plaxo

    Storing 50 million address books with 3.7 billion contacts, Plaxo reduced it code build times by 50 percent and development downtime by 80 percent by deploying Nimble arrays in its VMware environment.

  • Premier Medical Group

    IT staff used to spend entire weekends backing up Premier’s data, including EHRs. Now with Nimble arrays the backups take only seconds, and Premier has improved its DR and storage costs.

  • Queensland Sugar Limited

    When Queensland Sugar Limited implemented Nimble CS-Series arrays and InfoSight management, it increased storage performance 10x, strengthened data replication, and reduced rack space by 50 percent.

  • RaceTrac

    Will, the Vice President of Information Systems at RaceTrac Petroleum, talks about how they use Nimble Storage for ALL their vital transaction and customer data, as well as applications that… Read More

  • Recoveriescorp

    Nimble enables Australia’s leading debt recovery and insurance claims recovery organisation to do much more with much less storage.

  • Rent-A-Center

    Rent-A-Center beats customer SLA’s by 4 hours in their Oracle Data Warehouse

  • Retail Apparel Group

    Nimble Provides Storage Stitch in Time for Australia’s Largest Menswear Retailer

  • RMI Global Logistic Services

    RMI bereidt zich voor op de toekomst met snelle array van Nimble Storage

  • Sentia

    Sentia vertrouwt op Nimble Storage voor het beheer van bedrijfskritische IT-platformen

  • SevenP

    One of The Netherland’s most successful hosted application service providers lowers latency on VMware hosts, reduces footprint by 75%, and slashes power consumption by 5x.

  • Siemens

        Michael Landeck at Siemens selected Nimble Adaptive Flash arrays not only for the capacity and performance needed to run their day-to-day business, but to help them build new… Read More

  • Skullcandy Inc.

        Justin, the Manager of Infrastructure at Skullcandy Inc., talks about how Nimble Storage’s flash storage arrays simplified their IT operations and enabled them to react and manage business… Read More


    Chez SPLIO, expert de l’expérience client, le stockage de Nimble rime avec simplicité, performance et « tout compris »

  • Staples Australia

    Staples Australia chooses Nimble Storage for its adaptive IT platform and enterprise-level storage performance.

  • Stefano Toselli

    Avec Nimble Storage, Stefano Toselli s’offre jusqu’à trois fois plus de performance et une continuité d’activité.

  • Systemec

    Systemec zet in op het leveren van maatwerk en het aanbieden van hoogwaardige services die kwalitatief niet onder mogen doen voor die van grote ISP’s en cloud providers.


    Met Nimble Storage kiest Systemec opnieuw voor eenvoud en kracht

  • Teck

    Teck saves 80% on data center space and deploys storage that’s so easy, anyone on the IT team can manage it.

  • TECO

    Nimble Storage Solution Drives Performance Improvements At TECO

  • Unigarant

    Unigarant overtreft doelstellingen met keuze voor Nimble Storage

  • University of Colorado Boulder

    CU-Boulder uses its integrated Nimble CS-Series, Cisco UCS, and VMware View solution to cut expenses, scale non-disruptively, and deliver the high-performance for VDI at one tenth the cost of all-flash arrays.

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service

    Agency Saves Money with SmartStack Integrated Infrastructure

  • Viet Capital Bank
    Viet Capital Bank

    Viet Capital Bank Boosts Capacity and Streamlines Storage Management with Nimble.

  • Virtacore

    Virtacore standardizes on Cisco, VMware, and Nimble Storage to deliver world-class public and private cloud services.

  • Virtual Radiologic

    Nimble Storage, Cisco, and VMware enable leading teleradiology provider to improve performance, reduce SQL Server reporting time, and lower costs.

  • Wood & Grieve Engineers

    Wood & Grieve Engineers a Nimble Solution for Storage and Performance

  • WYNIT Distribution

    When an acquisition demanded a datacenter upgrade, WYNIT chose the Superstack solution with Nimble array. The results: Non-disruptive scalability, faster applications performance and RPO, and much lower TCO.

  • Yahoo! Japan

    Adaptive Flash provides scalable, energy-efficient storage for Yahoo! JAPAN’s growing OpenStack platform.

  • Youth Horizons

    Nimble Provides Room to Grow at Youth Horizons