AJ Thomas – Director of Talent Development

Navigate the hallways of most companies here in Silicon Valley, and somewhere on a wall you’ll find a poster with a nicely worded statement of core values. Unfortunately, in some companies a poster is as far as they ever go – a sad reminder of what the organization could be, but not really representative of the organization itself. Here at Nimble Storage it’s different. Instead of posters, you find people – people who live and breathe our values, who “bleed green”. These are people who make our core values a natural part of their daily working lives.

What Makes a Best Place to Work?

The whole Nimble team was honored this past week when we were named one of the 2015 Bay Area Best Places To Work, an awards program presented by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal to companies that are highly valued by employees. The awards are based on an independent, third-party survey that asks employees how they feel about their company’s work culture, management practices, trust with co-workers, benefits, overall compensation, longevity, trust in senior leaders, and feeling valued.

We conduct this survey twice per year, and get a lot of meaningful feedback from our employees. Soliciting, listening and acting upon this feedback is core to how we create, design and roll out the programs, processes and policies that impact our people on a day-to-day basis. It’s the foundation of how we meaningfully engage in dialogue with our employees.

There are a lot of wonderful things about Nimble that validate this recognition. Sure we provide great food, community, and a fantastic working environment. But a key component of being a true Best Places to Work is more than just the well-known perks we so often associate with Silicon Valley. This recognition is about having a firm foundation of values that permeate throughout the entire organization. It comes from a strong sense of culture that carries us through the best and worst times in our company’s growth. It comes, most importantly, from listening and engaging with employees on things that matter to them, that affect the way they provide their best work for a company they love.

This is why our values are a crucial component of culture – whether or not people feel free to really communicate with one another, within their teams and with other people, regardless of where they rank on the org chart. What are those values?

Here at Nimble, we focus on four key values:

  • No jerks – No tolerance for bad behavior
  • Be open – Listen to other ideas and inputs
  • Think creatively – Look for smarter ways to get things done
  • Make it happen – Set goals and deliver on expectations

We deliberated carefully in selecting these four values, narrowing down many ideas from the leadership team and throughout the company. We solicited feedback, listened to our employees, and together built a foundational statement not just of values, but of the workplace behaviors that are expected, encouraged, and rewarded in our everyday interactions.

What Makes Working at Nimble So Great?

We asked a bunch of our very own Nimblers at last Friday’s social. Here’s what they said:

  • “Nimble is the best place to work because of the community and the people.”
  • “I’ve never been in a culture such as this – the energy, the enthusiasm, the drive to go above and beyond.”
  • “Great people, great culture, no-jerks policy, great food, everything all together.”
  • “It’s a vibrant atmosphere. A lot of people here really want to get work done, and enjoy what they’re doing.”
  • “Smart people attract other smart people, and that’s what attracts talent, and that’s what I’m here for.”
  • “Hopefully what we’ve done here is give engineers the ability to come here and just do good work, and not have a lot of BS around that.”

You can check out the three-minute video:


When I walk the hallways here at Nimble, I feel pride to be working alongside some of the most respected and talented people in the industry. And I feel joy in the journey we have the opportunity to take part in.

We’re always looking for talent that will take us to the next level, but most importantly we’re looking for talent that will continue to help us create one of the best places to work. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.