Adoption rates of VDI based BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) deployments are on the rise thanks to the advantages that virtualization offers.  With mobile devices as with PC clients, responsiveness tends to be paramount. For most customers, this translates to finding cost-effective, high performing storage.  Traditional storage, even when retrofitted with flash, provides a partial solution at best.

Nimble Storage’s ground-up approach efficiently leverages flash and disk, and through a combination of dynamic caching and guaranteed random write sequentialization, is able to effectively address the rapidly fluctuating demands of virtual desktops, in addition to other business-critical workloads. Inline compression and other storage reduction techniques such as clones and efficient snapshots eliminate the compromise between performance and capacity.

As part of simplifying the end user experience around VDI deployments, Nimble has been partnering extensively with VMware to put together reference-able blueprints and best practices. Nimble’s certification through the VMware Rapid Desktop Program was the first step in this process.

As part of this continuing relationship, Nimble is proud to announce that our hybrid storage arrays are supported in the reference architectures VMware has developed to support Mobile Secure Devices.

In a nutshell, Nimble Storage delivers affordable, flash-enabled performance for optimal mobile user experience. Snapshot-based backups and WAN-efficient replication provide simplified protection. Comprehensive life cycle oriented management minimizes operational overhead.

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