By Neil Glick – Technical Marketing

Enterprises today are running larger and larger VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) implementations, and they need to be certain their virtualization and data storage solutions will work together seamlessly.

We’re excited to announce that Nimble Storage has passed the requirements and is now a VMware Horizon Fast Track 2.0 Proven Storage certified partner. To attain this certification, Nimble had to meet the following Proven Storage certification requirements:

  • To demonstrate properly sized storage performance and capacity, each partner tested its solution to certify at either 1,000 or 2,000 users.
  • Partners tested their solutions in their own test lab, applying the same rigorous standards and recommendations that VMware uses for reference architecture testing.
  • Each Proven Storage solution was tested using the Knowledge Worker workload; some partners also tested using the new Storage Workload that aims to increase the number of IOPS per user.
  • Partners with satisfactory Login VSI VSImax results, login storm times and desktop provisioning times received certification as a Proven Storage solution. The Login VSI VSImax score measures in-guest VDI workload response times to determine the maximum active sessions and desktop capacity per solution.

Nimble Storage chose to test 1,000 VDI users running on a Nimble Storage CS500 array with 7.25TB usable storage and 2.91TB of SSD cache. (As with any VDI solution, your mileage and desktop density may vary.) Note that although we chose the 1,000-desktop configuration and the Login VSI workload required by the certification, the CS500 could potentially support more than 1,000 user desktops, depending on your specific requirements.

Nimble Storage CS500 - VMware Horizon Fast Track

Figure 1: Nimble Storage CS500 Array

All system components were configured according to VMware and Nimble Storage recommendations and best practices, using VMware Horizon 6 along with LoginVSI 4.1.x.

The Proven Storage solution provides great value for less money with benefits including exceptional performance, linear scalability, and cost transparency.

This certification is yet another step in the ongoing support for desktop virtualization solutions between Nimble Storage and VMware. This particular solution also leveraged our SmartStack architecture exploiting Cisco UCS as the compute infrastructure for the VMware environment.

According to the VMware Proven Storage page, “Deploying VMware Horizon View on Nimble Storage has enabled us to implement a high-performance desktop virtualization solution. The combined solution gives our healthcare professionals what they need to improve patient care, while also enabling us to meet our compliance requirements by ensuring that patient health information is located and managed centrally.” – Joshua Wollard, Director of IT Services, Austin Pain Associates

For more information please see VMware’s Proven Storage site along with the Nimble Storage Solution Briefs regarding all of our VDI solutions. Additional information regarding Nimble Storage can also be found at