Thomas Concrete Group is located in Sweden, USA, Poland and Germany, employing around 1,000 employees. TCG manufactures, sells, and distributes ready-mixed concrete. We also do research within this area, and construction with engineers. My role with TCG is IT chief for TCG AB, and I am responsible for the Infrastructure environment.

We use a lot of virtualization – about 90 percent of our server environment is virtualized, and the data we work with needs to be backed up and restored when needed very quickly.

The data for that is important to our company roots from sales, SQL data, and our internal developed products. Some of our 24/7 requirements include areas such as email and SQL data.

Some of the pain points that led up to evaluating a new data protection solution were that our old system was expiring, and we needed to evolve the existing system to a new generation.

When we started looking for a new storage solution, We tried to find a product that could accomplish backup and storage easily without using software, and still be very reliable with increased business continuity.

The key elements of the selection process were reliability and advanced function as the snapshot technology that Nimble uses including the replication functionality. Our team was working under constraints because we had a deadline, as our older SAN products were expiring.

Currently, we use the CS-260 G and it was very easy to install and get started with.

We took a small risk in the beginning as Nimble was not established in Scandinavia, but experiencing first-hand how the product works, and what it does for us has justified all concerns we had and we are extremely pleased on how the product serves us.

We love the function with snapshots and the integration it has to SQL, Exchange, and VMware. We used a lot of different software for backup and now we have a solution that does it all for us.

Previously, we used multiple solutions to recover and replicate data, as well run reports. Depending on what kind of data it was, normally it was very slow to read back data or do a total restore. Also, using different software made our environment very complicated due to all of these products.

We did research online and through different forums and your product seemed to stand out and seemed to have advanced functions we did not see with the other competitors. Also, all that was included in your product was very important for us.

We considered Equallogic and Hitachi when evaluating other storage vendors.

The Nimble Storage solution provides shortening of backups, which is very important for us. Also, the compression that the SAN uses is important, but most of all, the ease of restoring data or doing a full restore in minutes is very impressive.

We spend very little time managing the Nimble solution/service. When the product is up and running and you have created the rules and schemas that you want, it just works. Also, the reporting functionality with email and SSL connection to the Head office for Nimble makes a great time saver.

We use SAN from Equallogic, for virtualization, and we have a lot of different NAS products for backups, these products are now slowly being migrated to the Nimble SAN. Also we use tape backup, which is being replaced with Nimble. We will keep the tapes, but the time windows for tapes will be extremely spare.

All applications we use are supported by the Nimble Storage solution. We are looking at data around 15 Terabyte, but with compression on Nimble this will change. Backup and snapshots are working perfectly now, and our replication between SANs are working, we had several issues with this before but now it actually works with nimble.

The key features of Nimble’s solution or service that we find particularly attractive are cloning, replication and Snapshots. And the best Help Desk I have ever worked with.

We use a centralized data server hall in Sweden, and we might in the future use Nimble product to replicate data between USA and Sweden.