By Dan Leary – Vice President, Products, Solutions and Alliances

Flash Memory Awards

Nimble Storage leaders (left to right) Varun Mehta, Suresh Vasudevan and Umesh Maheshwari with the company’s two newest awards.

When the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara wrapped up last week, the Nimble team came back to the office with two major awards:

  • The award for Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology/Array went to Nimble’s Adaptive Flash platform
  • The “Innovation Award” for Best Hybrid also went to Nimble, which was particularly special because the winner was selected by the IT Pro end-user community

Before the trophies go on display in the lobby alongside our other awards, I thought we should take this opportunity to focus on the unsung heroes who made it all possible – Nimble engineers.

Sure, many people made crucial contributions along the way, from product designers to the people on the documentation team. But it was our software and hardware engineers who actually built the product from scratch – and tested its performance in millions of real-world scenarios.

It’s not an easy task. Unlike the old days of monolithic storage systems, today’s enterprise customers expect their data storage budget to buy much more than raw hardware. Now much of the value is in the software that enables the core file system, IO performance, app integration, scale-out, snapshots, replication, and other features.

Looking back at some of the features we’ve released in the past couple of years, it’s amazing to think about all the design work and coding went into them: dynamic caching, thin provisioning, scale-out, non-disruptive drive and controller upgrades, hypervisor integration, proactive wellness, triple-parity RAID, cache pinning, encryption at rest, a REST API – the list goes on and on.

That’s why we’ve hired – and continue to hire – so many brilliant engineers. It’s why we’ve invested so heavily in training, development, tools and outstanding workplaces. We’re aiming to create an exemplary environment where innovation and technical rigor go hand in hand, and awards like these confirm that our approach is succeeding.

To all the engineers out there – at Nimble and elsewhere – thank you for your cleverness, and for your ability to imagine and build the future.