The Prognosis Is Good: Nimble Wins Award for Hutchinson Clinic Implementation
by Janet Matsuda – CMO

The Flash Memory Summit took place last week, with industry players converging upon Santa Clara, CA to discuss the latest trends and best practices related to flash memory hardware and software. Nimble was actively involved throughout the three day gathering and had experts present on topics related to the future of the all flash data center, the latest capabilities of all flash arrays, and the importance of predictive analytics.

Nimble headlined the event when it was granted a “Best of Show” award at a ceremony last Wednesday night. It received the recognition for the “Most Innovative Flash Memory Customer Implementation” based on a successful rollout with Hutchinson Clinic, a medical-surgery facility based in Kansas. The Clinic deployed a SmartStack reference architecture-based solution, comprised of the Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure and Nimble arrays – both Adaptive and All Flash.

Hutchinson needed a solution that would combat decreasing performance and application delays to its infrastructure. More than 650 employees and physicians were accessing its massive database clusters daily, causing file access slowdowns of up to 1-2 minutes. The clinic was also under pressure for higher levels of analytics and data mining in order to comply with rapidly-changing healthcare laws that its aging IT infrastructure simply couldn’t scale to support.

After rolling out the Nimble Predictive Flash Platform, Hutchinson Clinic experienced dramatic benefits, including:

Improved performance and faster access to data. Hutchinson staff and doctors can now quickly access electronic health records, patient check-in information and billing systems. Having this data at their fingertips and without delay enables them to quickly make decisions and provide the best possible care to visiting patients.

Flexibility to adjust workloads and applications on the fly. The Predictive Flash platform includes both the Nimble All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays.  This highly integrated environment allows IT admins to adjust workloads and applications so that they are supported by the most suitable type of storage, all with the click of a button.

Virtual transparency for optimal performance. Using InfoSight empowers IT to easily view the performance rates of virtual machines and proactively optimize their systems. Leveraging predictive analytics means they can prevent issues before they happen, spend less time in firefighting mode and focus on more strategic aspects of their job that benefit the clinic.

Disaster recovery for continuity of operations. Nimble is also helping Hutchinson with its very first disaster recovery strategy so that the clinic keeps running smoothly to support patients if there is a local outage. The entire infrastructure is being deployed as a SmartStack reference architecture consisting of Nimble arrays and Cisco UCS to ensure seamless and nonstop availability of all application data.

In a recent interview with Healthcare IT News about the Nimble implementation, Chris Swartz, senior network and server analyst at Hutchinson, commented:

“I no longer have issues with poor performance, such as lagging servers or slow boots, which were constant with Hutchinson’s aging storage. All of those problems immediately went away.”

Congratulations to the teams at Hutchinson Clinic and Nimble Storage!