One of the biggest challenges for VDI deployments is designing the right infrastructure. You have to effectively integrate storage, compute, and virtualization to create the best desktop virtualization experience for your end users, as illustrated in the figure below:

Remote Office VDI

This is not a trivial task. That’s why we’ve worked with leading technology vendors to provide SmartStack™ solutions for our customers. SmartStack solutions are converged infrastructure offerings built on best-of-breed technologies from our partners. Based on pre-validated reference architectures, SmartStack solutions help customers accelerate deployments and eliminate the risk associated with deploying untested solutions in the datacenter.

SmartStack solutions for VDI are some of our most popular SmartStacks. Until now, we have provided VDI SmartStack solutions with VMware and Cisco that are designed for mainstream datacenter deployments.  These include our SmartStack for VDI, as well as our SmartStack for Desktop and Server Virtualization, which supports mixed workloads.

The newest VDI SmartStack offering, SmartStack for ROBO Desktop Virtualization, is based on some of the latest products from Nimble, VMware, and Cisco – the Nimble CS-300 array, VMware Horizon (6) with View, and the Cisco UCS Mini. This new SmartStack literally takes VDI to the edge because it is optimized for remote/branch offices, or the needs of smaller IT environments. By deploying an optimized desktop virtualization solution on-site at remote or branch offices rather than a central data center, companies can deliver a predictable end-user experience by eliminating network dependent performance issues between sites.

The SmartStack with UCS Mini brings the power of UCS integration to the smaller business and remote/branch office. The UCS Mini embeds the unified server and networking capabilities of the top-of-rack UCS Fabric Interconnect directly within the UCS Mini chassis, enabling the SmartStack solution to deliver compute, storage and networking into a single, easy-to-manage, compact solution.Remote Office VDI

VMware Horizon (6) with View, running on the UCS Mini and Nimble array, delivers up to 500 virtual desktops. For the first time, this includes a mix of both full virtual desktops, for those users that need more power and flexibility, and lighter-weight remote desktop services (RDS) desktops, suitable for task workers.

With the SmartStack for ROBO Desktop Virtualization, customers can enable the transformation of their end-user desktops at ROBO environments into virtual, mobile workspaces. Whether you need to deploy a scalable VDI solution in your datacenter, deploy VDI alongside business critical applications, or deploy VDI that is ‘right-sized’ at the edge for ROBO environments, Nimble’s SmartStack portfolio has a solution to meet your needs.

For more information on how Cisco UCS Mini can help businesses expand beyond the traditional confines of the data center, be sure to check out Tony Paikeday’s blog at Cisco’s site: Changing the Economics of Desktop and App Virtualization at the Enterprise Edge

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