“One size fits all” is not a tenet applicable for branch office deployments. Branch office deployments vary based on number of users, type of applications, available WAN bandwidth, and IT infrastructure.

A recent ESG survey shows that 92 percent of customers are interested in replacing the laptops/PCs of their remote office employees with virtual desktops running in a central location. VMware, working with partners such as Nimble Storage, provides a variety of approaches to tackle VDI with their Branch Office Desktop solution.  One way to deploy is the centrally-hosted desktop environment and the other is using a locally-hosted desktop solution kept in sync using VMware Mirage. Either way, you want to make sure the storage you choose is optimized for your specific deployment model.

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With the centralized desktop hosting model, the storage not only needs to be cost-effective, but also deliver high performance. This is where Nimble shines with optimizations for both read and write operations. In addition, built-in snapshot-based data protection allows you to dramatically improve business continuity.

In the case of the locally-hosted desktop environment, the primary storage factors in play are cost, ease of deployment and use, as well as supportability.  Nimble’s CS200 series offers cost-effective, dense performance for these environments in a 3U form factor. Systems come tuned out of the box with only a few easy steps to go from plug-in to operational.  Finally, proactive wellness features enable the relay of comprehensive system telemetry data to Nimble HQ that is analyzed in real-time to identify potential problems at the branch location. In case of a support incident, the system can be serviced remotely the majority of the time.

Additionally, in the locally-deployed VDI solution, Nimble Storage used for branch office desktops can serve as a replication target for the primary datacenter. That way critical data can be replicated and protected in case of a disaster at the primary site. Similarly, critical data such as local persona and user files can be replicated back to the primary datacenter.

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