Six-Nines Availability Across More Than 9,000 Customers
Rod Bagg, VP of Analytics and Customer Support

Nearly three years ago, we took to this blog to let you know about a remarkable achievement for a relatively new storage company. After only a handful of years into shipping a revolutionary storage platform, we had achieved a measured availability of Five Nines (99.999%) across our installed base.

As we predicted, things have only gotten better!  We now have over 9,000 customers, representing over 315 million hours of system uptime, and are proud to say that the current availability is now more than six-nines (99.999928%) of measured availability ».  That translates to less than 25 seconds of impact per array on an annual basis.

This begs a couple of questions.

How is this level of availability achieved?

The heart of our ability to deliver measured uptime of this level is InfoSight, our pioneering predictive analytics platform, which has been in our DNA since day one.  Machine learning as a term has received a lot of buzz, but InfoSight pays tangible dividends to our customers. InfoSight helps make your infrastructure smarter every single day.

For example, let’s say one of our customers updated software that inadvertently was incompatible with an application. Not only can we address this problem quickly for the first customer, we can see that another 100 customers have the potential to be impacted by the same issue. Then, instead of allowing them to install the same software, we can automatically redirect them to an update that fixes the issue. See, InfoSight is like that fire truck that shows up at your door before you smell smoke!

But what does this really mean to you when you are running a business?

Digital transformation has led to extraordinary gains in productivity and growth for today’s enterprises. Part of that transformation has meant that more and more companies rely on applications (and by extension their IT infrastructure) for nearly every business operation. So any delay or downtime experienced by users exposes the core business to a high degree of risk. Risk management has always been a focus of IT organizations, but newer frameworks and approaches are needed in this new age of digital transformation.

From the standpoint of risk management, InfoSight is a revolution. It helps IT avoid problems before they are ever known, and it ensures that performance is always optimized to meet current business demand. Our risk management approach is: If a problem is known to us, it should never happen to you. This proactive stance is how we have been able to achieve six-nines of availability, and gives our customers peace of mind that issues that expose risk to their operations will be resolved before they can negatively impact the business.

Simplify your life

InfoSight and Nimble Storage can make the life of your IT administrators far more simple, and allow them to add value through innovation.  Imagine InfoSight as a virtual administrator that can automatically:

  • Open over 92% of support cases before you are even aware of issues
  • Provide a resolution to over 86% of support cases
  • Detect issues across the infrastructure stack, 54% of which are not even directly related to storage

This is how we have empowered our customers: allowing them to transform their IT organizations into innovation engines rather than just keeping the ship afloat. The latest achievement in that journey is six-nines of measured availability. At the rate we’re going, do I hear seven?

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