melbourne2In my first four months as part of the Nimble Storage marketing team for Australia and New Zealand, I’d heard a lot about how easy it was to get our enterprise data arrays up and running. But it wasn’t until we were setting up for last week’s Cisco Live show in Melbourne that I learned first-hand how fast it is. From unpacking the boxes, it took just 15 minutes for one of our Systems Engineers, Mark Lazarus, to configure the system to the point where it was ready for demonstrations. Wow!

When Cisco Live opened on Wednesday morning, we were greeted by a huge influx of networking and storage professionals clearly enthusiastic to find out more about Nimble Storage flash-optimized hybrid storage, and how this technology is changing the game within the IT sector. We watched the reactions of many as we demonstrated sustained 4KB random write speeds of over 16,000 IOPS, and this was on our entry-level CS210 containing only 8 high density 1TB drives and just 2 solid state drives (SSD)s. What can I say, it is impressive!

We had significant interest in our SmartStack pre-validated reference architecture with Cisco and VMware for virtual desktop infrastructure  (VDI). Many patrons were surprised that Nimble Storage is one of a select few, alongside giants like NetApp & EMC, to have a validated joint reference architecture.

From a storage perspective, the industry is changing to a “connect-anywhere” market, where VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are major drivers. Most conversations touched on exactly this.

Even in my small time at Nimble Storage, the word is spreading, quickly. When you are asked “Why is everyone losing it over Nimble? Why is it so good?!”,(quote from a customer who sought us out) you know we are doing something right! It really is phenomenal to see the word spread so quickly.

The Cisco Live Conference, and World of Solutions showcase was complete by Friday afternoon, with some sore heads from the Inaugural Customer Appreciation event. Nimble Storage would like to thank Cisco for a fantastic event once again, and we look forward to working together on Cisco Live 2014!

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