Shorten Your Sales Cycle by Performing Lightning Fast Assessments Using Nimble SiteAnalyzer
By Karthik Krishnaswamy – Nimble Storage Product Management

Assessing an organization’s storage environment has typically been difficult. It usually involves multiple conversations with the prospect to understand various physical and virtual machines that run in their environment. Often, the storage/virtualization admin doesn’t have a clear picture of the performance and capacity characteristics within their own IT environment.

To address these challenges, we’ve launched Nimble SiteAnalyzer – a tool that enables Sales Engineers and Resellers to perform quick assessments. This tool can be used as a door opener to capture a prospect’s mindshare by offering a free assessment of their environment.

Here’s how it works. The prospect downloads and installs a collector. The collector then connects to ‘target hosts’ and gathers key metrics about their environment that are sent back to InfoSight for analysis. No additional effort is needed after installation. Data can be collected from Windows, Linux, Hyper-V and VMWare environments. In addition, both compute (CPU, Memory) and storage (IOPS, Latency, MBps, IO Size, Capacity) metrics are collected. The collected data is immediately encrypted with an asymmetric key and kept on the disk in the encrypted format – it cannot be opened on the collector machine. The private key resides exclusively on InfoSight, which is the only place where collected data can also be decrypted.

Armed with this information, you can have a meaningful conversation that’s backed by real data and can develop a tailored solution that’s sized right for the prospect. This in turn instills confidence in the prospect’s mind about Nimble.

Nimble SiteAnalyzer also equips the IT decision maker to quickly make a business justification to senior management who control the IT Budget. There are also visually appealing reports that can be shared with the prospect to help them quickly document the reasons for their purchase.

From SHI, a global provider of IT products and services, “SiteAnalyzer can definitely help our pre-sales engineers understand customers’ environments and accurately size out a solution. This allows us to shorten the sales cycle and ensure that the solution will work and the customer will be happy!”

Nimble SiteAnalyzer is available now from InfoSight – it can be accessed from the Tools menu.


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Easy to comprehend, detailed final report that’s generated after collection.