Predictive All Flash Storage Comes to Converged Infrastructure
Matt Miller, Director of Solutions Marketing, Nimble Storage

Last fall, Cisco and Nimble announced a new direction for converged systems, a direction based on newer, modern architectures that chart a path beyond traditional converged infrastructure – predictive infrastructure.  Over 1,000 customers are now realizing the benefits of predictive infrastructure through our joint SmartStack solutions.

New Cisco Validated Design for All Flash Storage12938_Cisco-Nimble_SmartStack_FR-2_Right_72_dpi
Today we are excited to let you know we’re expanding the SmartStack portfolio with a new Cisco Validated Design (CVD) based on the Nimble All Flash Array product line.  This is the first CVD featuring a predictive, all flash storage architecture.

When we introduced our All Flash Array, it was groundbreaking in many respects.  Up to 66% lower TCO than other all flash systems.  Unmatched resiliency with features like Triple+ Parity protection.  And flat-out, unadulterated speed!
However, fast flash is not enough to ensure applications are getting the data they need, when they need it.  Enter predictive analytics.  Nimble has been on the forefront of leveraging the power of analytics through our InfoSight engine, as evidenced by the nearly six-nines uptime enjoyed by the entire Nimble installed base.  Nimble and Cisco are now bringing this concept to the infrastructure level.

Is Your Infrastructure ‘Predictive’?
In talking with customers about the challenges they face in managing infrastructure, one issue always seems to come up: they want less of it.  Less time spent managing, diagnosing, fixing and tweaking it.  Full stop.  All of that time means that they aren’t focused on moving their organizations forward.  They aren’t focused on creative ideas that drive new business growth or maximize productivity within the company.

So what is being done about this?  One answer from the traditional IT vendors was converged systems: pre-packaged and validated ‘stacks’ of infrastructure that are designed, in theory, to deploy infrastructure quickly and to reduce risk.  However, nothing has really been done to remove the underlying complexity of managing these systems.  This is where a new approach is warranted, and it’s all about making your infrastructure ‘predictive’.

Predictive infrastructure means leveraging analytics to slash that wasted time spent keeping the lights on.

It means your infrastructure sends the proverbial fire truck before you smell smoke.

It means detecting and resolving over 90% of your issues with no intervention needed by your staff.  Think of the hours saved if 9 out of 10 issues require no time!

It means never dealing with Level 1 and Level 2 support engineers ever again.

It means proactively troubleshooting your entire infrastructure, up to the VM level.

Finally, it means lowering your business risk.

You can’t accomplish this by going the traditional route with the old school, phone-home monitoring tools and an antiquated support model.  You need a better approach.

SmartStack allows you to achieve that goal of spending less time managing mundane issues, but also ensuring that your applications, whether in the data center or on the edge, get the optimal performance and availability that they need.

So, is your infrastructure “predictive”?

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