I’ve been around the data storage industry for a while now and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard executives talk about the importance of channel partners to the success of their businesses. I find myself wanting to say to them: talk is cheap, action–well, not so much.
anz-partner-summitAt Nimble Storage, our channel partners are truly an extension of our organization and it’s been that way since day one. It’s a primary vehicle for serving customers and will never be an after-thought.

Last week marked the occasion for Nimble Storage’s very first Australian Partner Summit. It was set on the picturesque coast of New South Wales, and boasted an impressive list of speakers from our industry. Pulling off an event like this, particularly for a company as young as Nimble is, is ambitiou­s­–some would say overly so. I hoped for a good turnout.

I needn’t have worried. We treat our channel with great respect and we’re rewarded with their loyalty. Our partners filled the room for a lively day of sharing and learning with a lot of focus on our recently announced scale-out capabilities as well as Nimble’s best-of-breed solution for Cisco. We chewed over the advantages of SmartStack, and discussed the ins-and-outs of different use cases for Citrix, Commvault, Microsoft, VMware and Oracle. In other words, the conversations were broad and deep.

The most important reason for gathering was for us at Nimble Storage to hear from our partners how best to help customers. And listened we did to stories detailing how Nimble’s products ease the pressure of running an active datacentre, both by improving application delivery and streamlining support. But perhaps the biggest eye-opener was how much datacenter managers are relying on InfoSight to predict future their storage needs. It was gratifying news.

We left that, Nimble staff and partners, with a renewed sense of purpose and an even stronger bond. You could see it in people’s eyes, and hear it in the intensity of their conversations. Our partners walked away secure in that Nimble is a company that does more than just talk about the importance of their partnerships, that it was committed to having their back and, those of their customers, too.

It was a rousing success due in no small part to the participation of Huon IT and Cloud Solutions Group, both winners of “Partner of the Year” awards for their respective regions. They have shared our journey from day one I commend them for efforts over the last year.

Almost every week Nimble seems to hit another milestone, events that will be etched into the memories of our employees, partners and customers. The first Australian Partner Summit was yet another important marker on Nimble Storage’s journey. I was lucky to have been there.