Nimble Storage now accelerates your applications in the Cloud
By Suresh Vasudevan
CEO, Nimble Storage

Today, we announced Nimble Cloud Volumes (“NCV”) – the first and only enterprise-grade, multicloud block storage service for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.  This is a significant milestone on our journey to eliminate infrastructure constraints and accelerate applications that ultimately drive business transformation.

Since the day we were founded, we have been maniacally focused on a singular goal – how do we enable applications to perform without disruption?  To that end, we leveraged the disruptive potential of flash to create a next generation storage platform that could accelerate applications by an order of magnitude, while still lowering the total cost of storage ownership. However, from the beginning, we recognized that flash, by itself, was not adequate since the majority of application disruptions stem from issues across the infrastructure stack – interoperability issues, improper configurations, poor sizing, etc.  To address these challenges, we pioneered the use of cloud-based predictive analytics with InfoSight.  Predicting and preventing infrastructure disruptions before our customers even know they have a problem has allowed us to deliver “six 9s” of availability across a base of over 10,000 customers. Unmatched support that is powered by InfoSight has earned us an industry leading NPS score of 85!

Even as we have successfully addressed on-premise application needs, many of our customers are grappling with another major challenge.  Many of them had successfully leveraged the public cloud for content-centric applications, and are now looking to extend that success to business applications.  However, they are being held back.  To move business applications to the cloud, they need enterprise-grade features in the cloud that are currently missing. They need easy mobility from on-premise data centers to the cloud and back, and across multiple cloud providers.  They need granular visibility into the resources that are being consumed and the service levels that are being delivered to such applications in the public cloud.

Over the last 15 months, as we sought to address the problem of deploying business applications in the cloud, we spoke to and validated the value proposition of NCV with over a hundred enterprises.  NCV enables our customers to deploy business applications in the cloud by overcoming the challenges listed above. Further, by leveraging Nimble OS and InfoSight within our cloud service, we guarantee that our on-premise All Flash arrays (AFAs) and Hybrid Flash arrays (HFAs) are “Cloud-Ready”.

Some of the attributes of NCV that our customers really resonated with include the following:

  • Industry-leading data management services that were available only in high-end storage arrays were now available to public cloud applications.
  • Leveraging seamless mobility from on-premise, cloud-ready Nimble AFAs or HFAs to NCV facilitates workflows such as seeding test & dev instances in the cloud, creating DR copies in the cloud or migration of entire production applications.
  • Applications can run on AWS or Azure, without the need for any data migration.
  • With InfoSight, we can provide visibility into application data whether the data resides on-premise or connected to an AWS or Azure application that uses NCV.

We, at Nimble, are excited about NCV.  Public cloud storage services account for an estimated $10B in annual spend, with block storage services estimated to be ~25-30% of that.  The rapid adoption of cloud computing could easily double the annual spend – a major opportunity given the unique value proposition that NCV brings to bear.  We also thrive on driving a pace of innovation that we think is unmatched in our industry, and NCV extends our innovation into the heart of the biggest transformation occurring within IT – cloud computing.  We have several dozen customers – small and extremely large – eager to test NCV and our Beta is well underway.  We are very much looking forward to making NCV generally available to the entire market over the next several weeks.