Nimble Storage Docker Volume Plugin brings data portability to Windows Containers
By: Jeff Martin, Sr. Product Manager, Nimble Storage

Enterprises continue to scour the market for solutions that will increase the speed of innovation and reduce inefficiencies that are constraining their business objectives.  Today’s environments can inhibit growth and innovation if they don’t enable the speed and agility required for globally driven businesses.  Companies who don’t re-invent themselves to keep pace with the ongoing digital transformation won’t survive.

It’s no secret that containers and DevOps practices are taking enterprises and IT environments by storm. Recent customer surveys indicate that 80% say Docker Containers are part of their cloud strategy and 44% use containers to speed up DevOps to accelerate application time to market,. Linux containers have laid the ground work for companies to make practical use of this technology. And now, with Microsoft’s support, this packaging construct can drive application portability, enable faster application delivery, and offer an Azure cloud on-ramp for on-premises Windows applications.
With Windows Containers Moving Applications is Easy, but What About Your Data?

Container usage has historically focused on dev/test environments and smaller applications that only require transient storage. However, customers have indicated they are eager and ready to use containers for stateful Windows applications as well. True portability for stateful applications requires considering more than just the application. How to move, manage, and access your data across Azure cloud and on-premise environments must be considered.

Nimble Provides Persistent Storage for Windows Containers

To solve these challenges, Nimble previewed the industry’s first Docker Volume Plugin for Windows Containers when Microsoft introduced the capability at Ignite 2016. Now available, our plugin extends the benefits from our Linux Docker Volume Plugin to users of Windows Containers. Key highlights include:

  • Enterprise SAN storage reliability and availability
  • Simpler, faster configurations with low overhead
  • Responsiveness to business needs at a lower cost
  • Sub-second deployment and availability of infrastructure
  • Flexible application deployment and cloud-readiness
  • Automatically convert Windows volumes to Docker volumes when containerizing legacy applications
Windows Containers are an Azure cloud on-ramp; we’ll give you a cloud on-ramp for data


Looking Ahead

We’ve had strong interest from our customer base to extend our focus to creating an Azure Cloud On-ramp for your data, including:

  • Capabilities that will empower you to build, ship and run with persistent data for containerized Windows applications across Windows Server and Cloud environments.
  • Integration of Windows Containers with Nimble Cloud Volumes (NCV), a complementary offering now in beta. NCV provides a portal to easily provision Nimble volumes and connect to public cloud compute resources such as Azure VMs.

Nimble Makes It Happen

With volume plugins for both Linux and Windows Containers, you’re no longer limited by which business applications can be containerized or where they must reside.  It’s easy to imagine a future with Windows Containers managed by highly scalable orchestration of Azure Container Services.  As Microsoft announces support for Docker Swarm and Docker Datacenter orchestration, Nimble will be ready to make that future a part of your reality.

Learn more about how Nimble can help you easily and confidently deploy any Windows applications in Windows Containers as you continue through your DevOps journey by visiting us in booth G26 at DockerCon, April 18-19. And, if you aren’t headed to Austin, check out a few of our blogs: