Nimble will be a proud participant at VMware Partner Exchange this week. There are two key themes to our announcements this week.

1. Banish the silo!

Silo is a four-letter word in the datacenter – just ask anyone in the IT industry. Silos lead to inefficiencies in utilization and operating costs, as well as complexities. While virtualization and consolidation eliminate silos effectively in the compute layer, the reality is that storage continues to lag.

When it comes to picking storage for your workload, your choices will depend on optimizing around the one dimension the workload cares the most about, sometimes to the exclusion of other requirements. And one size does not fit all, forcing the creation of silos. For instance, you may choose to deploy a flash-only array for your real-time analytics workload but the cost economics and capacity considerations may preclude that from being a choice for all of your mainstream workloads.

Alternately, you may have purchased traditional storage systems, but are probably finding out that consolidating demanding apps such as VDI and databases end up dragging the storage system performance to its knees. Is it feasible for a storage system to truly adapt to meet the demands of diverse applications?ref-architecture-dsv

As Nimble has demonstrated over the years, the answer is yes, and the announcement today of a new SmartStack™ architecture that can host a combination of server and desktop virtualization workloads is proof of that.

The new SmartStack for Desktop and Server Virtualization uses Nimble’s entry-level CS220G system to support a combination of VMware Horizon View, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint for 500 users. Nimble’s scale-to-fit capability supports non-disruptive increases in cache, compute and capacity; combined with Cisco’s blade infrastructure and VMware solutions, it allows the environment to scale seamlessly as more users are added.

2. Accelerate time to deployment with pre-integrated converged solutions.

At the same time, we are announcing a further strengthening of our relationship with Avnet Technology Solutions, our North American distributor. Avnet will offer SmartStack-based integrated solutions to our network of authorized resellers. Avnet’s integration service lets IT managers deploy best-of-breed products, like our flash-accelerated hybrid storage solutions, for a fraction of the time – and price – it would take if they opted to go it alone. It’s a way that our partnerships with VMware, Cisco and Avnet pay it forward to our customers.

VMware. Cisco. Avnet. Names to be reckoned with. We’re proud to have them at our side.

Come visit us at the VMware Partner Exchange and learn more about how we can help you banish the silo and accelerate time to deployment!