Nimble Cloud Volumes – An Industry First
By Ajay Singh
VP of Product Management

Today, Nimble Storage announced Nimble Cloud Volumes (“NCV”) – an enterprise-grade multicloud storage service for running your applications in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

In order to deliver this service, we have built our own cloud and it is powered by our own technology. In the simplest terms, the NCV service delivers flash storage volumes (block storage) to AWS EC2 instances or Azure Virtual machines. And, it offers some very significant benefits compared to native cloud block storage services like Amazon EBS or Azure Disk Volumes.

True Cloud Service Defined

Before I get into details, let me describe the design principles that led us to this point. We believe any good cloud service should offer 4 attributes:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: a true cloud service lets you rent resources for just as long as you need them. NCV does this – you can provision and rent storage resources (GB and IOPS), grow and shrink them as needed, and you only pay for the days you use them. There is no requirement to own assets, no lock-in, and no long term commitments.
  • Instant Provisioning: it’s NOT a cloud service if it requires long term planning, elaborate sizing, or prolonged vendor engagement to get started – you should be able to self-provision resources instantly when needed (just as you do with native cloud services). Again, NCV does this – storage resources (GB and IOPS) can be self-provisioned within seconds – no long term planning, sizing tools, or elaborate sales engagement required.
  • No infrastructure management: NCV is a true storage service, not shrink wrapped software that happens to run on the public cloud. It provides block storage volumes with the capacity, performance and data management attributes you specify. There are no “storage devices” to setup or manage (not even virtual ones that you have to configure and run in the cloud), and no system availability or health to worry about – there’s truly no infrastructure to manage.
  • Visibility: in this era of Uber, Lyft and Airbnb, complete transparency is table stakes for any cloud service. You should have full visibility into what you’re going to rent, how well it’s going to work, and exactly how much it’s going to cost you. And once you are using it, you should have visibility into usage, history, trends, and be able to easily uncover opportunities for optimization and cost savings. NCV does all of the above – without any additional monitoring tools, scripts or 3rd party software. And if you also happen to own Nimble technology in your data center- it gives you global visibility across all of your assets, on-premise and in the cloud.

Nimble Cloud Volumes Benefits

With those design goals met, Nimble Cloud Volumes is built to deliver three benefits:

  1. The multicloud nature of Nimble Cloud Volumes enables easy data mobility between public clouds and your own data center. If your long term IT strategy includes public cloud but you have yet to work out how to migrate key applications to the cloud, Nimble “Cloud Ready” flash arrays combined with NCV can help you dramatically simplify the process.
  2. Global visibility and Predictive Analytics: NCV provides visibility into usage, history, trends and costs that spans public clouds and your data center, allowing you to optimize resource utilization and avoid month-end surprises in your cloud billing.
  3. Finally, Nimble Cloud Volumes combines enterprise-grade reliability and features, with the simplicity of native cloud storage. Enterprise grade includes durability that’s millions of times better than cloud native block storage, and a rich set of data management capabilities such as instant backups and restores and instant thin clones. As for simplicity, it’s easier than riding a tricycle

Sound too good to be true? We encourage you to try it out for yourself. More details can be found at