campusI am excited to share that Nimble Storage will be moving our headquarters later this year to a three-building campus in north San Jose. We have grown quite rapidly over the last three years, having added nearly 200 employees in the last fiscal year alone, and our new headquarters location is ideal for our continued hyper-growth.

There are three main reasons we chose this location:

  • A great facility that’s compatible with our culture. The new buildings have just been modernized, with lots of natural lighting, open meeting areas, a flexible floor plan, and space for a variety of outdoor activities. The three buildings and the beautifully landscaped spaces between them are ideal for the kinds of conversations, informal collaboration and free-for-all chats that characterize daily life at Nimble.
  • Customized by us for us. We are working with a clean slate in terms of interior layout and design, which allows us to engage our employees in creating spaces that help bring us together – both professionally and socially. People throughout the company have already provided some terrific ideas and suggestions that we’re incorporating into the design.
  • Location, location, location: San Jose has served us well for over the past five years, and has allowed us to attract a world-class talent pool. Staying in San Jose allows us to continue to build the organization, without increasing commute times for existing employees.

 We are eagerly looking forward to moving to our new headquarters in November, at 211 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose.