Mind the Gap – App Disruptions Are Costing Companies Billions in Lost Productivity

by Suresh Vasudevan – CEO

Modern businesses rely on hundreds of apps to power every business process and to make key business decisions. Despite the criticality of applications, organizations and employees are frustrated with the time it takes for apps to deliver data, in an era where speed impacts the competitive advantage of enterprises. To get a better understanding of the problem, we recently surveyed more than 3,000 business users and IT decision-makers (ITDMs) globally. We were particularly interested in learning what’s causing this “app-data gap”, how users deal with it, and what can be done to resolve it.

The news is sobering:

  • About half of employees surveyed say they lose more than 10% of their workday just waiting for balky software to load;
  • Some 43% of all IT decision-makers say they lose between 11 and 30 minutes each workday because of delays while trying to use applications;
  • Nearly 40% of business users actually avoid using certain applications at work because they run too slowly.

One statistic in particular stood out: “Based on a calculation derived from the survey results, US companies may be losing as much as $7.5 billion annually of worker time due to delays and downtime, as their employees wait for various software applications to load.”

Beyond the hard costs resulting from the app-data gap, other aspects of the problem are harder to measure, but no less significant. When your users feel frustrated using an application, that’s bad for business. When they completely give up using the app, you have a bigger problem on your hands.


App Data Gap

Research shows that storage accounts for less than half of the issues impacting applications, with most problems stemming from complexity elsewhere in the infrastructure stack – from interactions between operating systems, hypervisors, compute, networking and storage resources.

This raises an interesting question: what is causing these application slow-downs? Nimble is uniquely qualified to answer that question. In just six years, we have built an installed base of 7,500+ customers, whose infrastructure we monitor on a real-time basis through InfoSight, our cloud-based predictive analytics software. This has enabled us to analyze thousands of instances of application slowdowns across our installed base over the years.

The research findings validate the two beliefs on which Nimble Storage was founded:

  • That a ground-up designed flash storage system would transform the data center, accelerating application performance by an order of magnitude while simultaneously lowering the total cost of storage ownership by 50% or more
  • That monitoring customer deployed infrastructure on a real-time basis from the cloud combined with predictive analytics can predict and prevent the vast majority of problems that cause application disruption, and facilitate rapid cross-stack root cause analysis when problems do occur.

You can read the full report here.