Make It About Apps, Not Infrastructure
By Gavin Cohen, Head of Product and Solutions Marketing, Nimble Storage

With more than 8,000 customers, our Predictive Flash platform continues to dramatically simplify IT operations, giving our customers the fastest, most reliable access to data. But physical storage infrastructure does not exist for its own sake. Whether on premise or in the cloud, it is a fundamental necessity to run the applications that power businesses. Yet IT infrastructure and application teams often think about infrastructure and applications from different viewpoints. The application team might want “fast storage for the new VDI environment,” whereas the infrastructure team might want to know “which RAID level, how many IOPS, how quickly will it grow.” To bridge this gap and make apps perform better, Nimble is excited to announce a suite of capabilities that simplify how IT can deliver, manage and consume infrastructure from an application perspective, rather than just from the infrastructure.

Deliver Apps Confidently with QoS and Secure Multi-Tenancy
Although virtualization and consolidation are a given today, not many organizations have been able to eliminate infrastructure silos. This is because consolidating disparate workloads on shared infrastructure can lead to unpredictable performance, security concerns and management challenges. To address this, today we’re announcing:

  • Quality of Service (QoS) to automatically prevent performance problems caused by rogue workloads and make storage run predictably fast
  • Secure Multi-Tenancy which provides tenant management abstractions, tenant-level encryption and secure data shredding

We’re also announcing new features and comprehensive support for application delivery across VMs, OpenStack Clouds and Docker Containers.

For more details read Deliver Application Infrastructure with Confidence.

Manage – the App-Centric Way
App-centric infrastructure management bridges the gap between infrastructure and application management, and in doing so, enables optimal application performance. It lets you make smart and granular application decisions based on predictive insights from InfoSight.

This is coupled with new functionality from Veeam and Nimble Storage that dramatically simplifies data protection by delivering end-to-end app-centric backup, DR, copy data management and more. It’s based on the perfect marriage of Veeam’s market-leading availability software integrated with Nimble’s ability to create tens of thousands of instant space-efficient snapshots, clones and replicated copies – without impacting application performance.

For more details read Managing Your Storage Infrastructure with an App-Centric Approach.

Consume – Pay for Storage Like the Cloud

Buying storage for applications shouldn’t involve guesswork. How much capacity should I buy? How much performance do I need? The cost of getting it wrong is high – resulting in either wasted money or inability to achieve SLAs.

Now you can consume storage just like the cloud – paying only for the application storage that is actually used – whether it goes up or down. On demand pricing for application-based storage starts at less than 7 cents per GB per month for All Flash storage.

For more details read Consume Application Storage like the Cloud.

Make the Storage Team the Heroes of Your Organization
With the above in mind, imagine what it would mean to the business if the next time the application team asks for “fast storage for the new VDI environment,” the response, within moments from the storage team is, “Sure. Your storage is ready. I’ve just provisioned a set of volumes that are optimized for VDI. Use as much as you need, your cost is just 6.8 cents per GB per month. And it’s protected with off-site application replication which will be automatically and proactively monitored to ensure optimal performance all the time. Can I help you with anything else?”

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