InfoSight™ just got smarter.

InfoSight is the engine that monitors all Nimble Storage arrays, collectively and individually, from the cloud. It automatically gathers millions of data points per array each day and makes sense of them in real-time. All that data allows InfoSight to identify potential problems – and provide a recommended solution – automatically, long before they bring systems down.

The more data InfoSight collects, the wiser it becomes. Last month, we announced that Nimble’s customers, in the three years since we shipped our first array, had achieved a collective uptime even better than five nines – 99.999 percent being the gold standard for system reliability. (See the results, including the methodology used to arrive at them, in a new white paper, “A Foundation for System Availability.”)

Now, we’re announcing a new feature that further boosts InfoSight’s IQ. This smarter InfoSight gives Nimble customers an even greater understanding of the inner workings of their storage systems by correlating and analyzing performance data. And, not only does it deliver detailed data on storage system performance, it even gives our customers a view into some problems coming from the surrounding environment. This new capability is available now to customers as part of their support subscription.

InfoSight’s new correlation capability lets it track key performance forensic data, and diagnose leading indicators that may be impacting performance both within the array as well as some issues associated with the network. Once it finds the source of an issue, InfoSight investigates the cause. The diagnosis is made in real time, allowing the user to take action before problems become catastrophes.

And it does all that automatically. Gone are the days when IT staff spent hours – even days ­– manually pouring over hundreds of data sets to tease out the source of performance slowdowns. And gone are the thousands of dollars paid to consultants to investigate problems when in-house staff may lack the resources to make the right diagnosis. InfoSight truly helps administrators find that ‘needle in a haystack’ without all of the manual headache.

Moving forward, Nimble Storage customers will also be able to provide InfoSight access to their resellers, allowing resellers to leverage the same powerful information and to be more proactive as a trusted advisor for their customers.  But don’t take our word for it.  Here’s Grant Burns, Solutions Architect at Compudyne, a registered Nimble reseller: “Having access to our customer’s InfoSight Portal and the extensive data it provides allows us to be much more proactive with our customer, giving them confidence in our recommendations as to how to manage their Nimble infrastructure.”

At Nimble, we believe InfoSight is among the most important benefits we offer customers. Along with our patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture ­– which delivers non-disruptive upgrades, fully redundant hardware, protection against data loss, and overall data integrity, InfoSight has been a key reason Nimble’s customers have been able to achieve high levels of uptime.

Not only that, InfoSight has proven itself to be a valuable planning tool, using the knowledge it’s gained by analyzing data from thousands of arrays to predict how they will perform in the future so that customers can plan accurately for changing workloads.

More data and deeper analysis equals greater knowledge. The wisest guy in the storage business just got a whole lot smarter.