By Suresh Vasudevan – CEO

For Nimble Storage customers running data centers and providing data services around the world, increasing revenues and decreasing costs are two of their highest priorities. But close behind is a third imperative – reducing risk.

As uncertainty rattles the storage landscape, the CIOs I talk with tell me that to increase the velocity of their businesses they need to build future-proof infrastructure. And right now, as flash-optimized storage systems are taking over, they are actively rethinking the merits of continuing to bank on legacy vendor solutions.

That’s what’s driving the momentum toward converged infrastructure, where the compute, network, and storage components come fully integrated. In fact, industry analysts predict that within five years more than half of IT will be consumed as converged infrastructure.

But not all converged infrastructures are created equal – many of those on the market today are built on legacy decade-old storage architectures. Nimble SmartStack is the industry’s first converged infrastructure based on a modern flash platform.

SmartStack provides our customers with three main advantages:

  • They provide precise blueprints that significantly speed infrastructure and application deployments;
  • They’ve been rigorously tested and validated by both Cisco and Nimble, thus reducing risk;
  • Joint support means “one call” resolution of technical issues.

To truly mitigate risks, a converged infrastructure must be able to deliver superior performance and price/performance, must scale seamlessly and efficiently as the workload needs grow, and must be intuitive and simple to manage. Only SmartStack can check all those boxes, providing the simplicity and the ease of acquisition of a hyper-converged system with the superior features and performance of a best-of-breed stack. That’s why more than 750 enterprises have already deployed SmartStack integrated infrastructure solutions.

We’re now able to ensure our customers gain even greater peace of mind, with SmartStack backed by Cisco Validated Designs, thus ensuring that both companies have jointly tested and validated SmartStack solutions and can provide joint support to customers. The new SmartStack Cisco Validated Designs are built on the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform with Cisco UCS and UCS Mini, and enabled by integration with UCS Director.

Other than Nimble, only four other data storage companies are designated as providers of Cisco Validated Designs. Next time your storage vendor claims they have a reference architecture, make sure it is a Cisco Validated Design.

SmartStack provides a terrific foundation for further innovation between Cisco and Nimble. We’re super happy about our momentum with SmartStack, and excited about providing Cisco Validated Designs that will help our customers realize significant efficiencies across their entire IT organizations.